Snowboarding super star Shaun White looks to 2022 Winter Olympics

Source:Xinhua Published: 2016-3-16 20:19:44

Super star Shaun White, competing at the Snowboarding World Championships held in Northeast China's Yabuli International Ski Resort, said he was looking forward to competing in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

"This is my fourth or fifth time to China," said the double Olympic halfpipe champion on Wednesday. "This year just once, but it is my first trip outside Beijing. It's nice to see more of China."

White likes China very much and said he will promote snowboarding in China.

"I hope I can make snowboarding more exciting, more popular in China," said White, also the owner of the Air&Style. "You guys have the 2022 Olympic Games come in your way, and I hope I can be a competitor at that time."

The Air&Style has been in China for five years, and White has some new plan.

"We are doing the competition at the Secret Garden, a mountain resort. There will be halfpipe and slopestyle, big jumps. I think maybe November this year," he said.

"I was a competitor at the Air&Style when I was a young boy, and I became the host to the event when it came to China for the first time. And now I am the owner. I am expanding it in China. Now we have two stops instead of just one," White added.

The Secret Garden will be one of the venues to host snow events at the 2022 Winter Games.

The American participated in the slopestyle event at Yabuli, but didn't make the semifinal. He had planned to show his power in the halfpipe, but the event was canceled due to venue problems. White took part in an exhibition of halfpipe on Wednesday.

"I feel slightly disappointed as the halfpipe was canceled. But now we are here to do exhibition, I am excited we can do something after all."

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