Tokyo to play petty tricks at G7 Meeting

Source:Global Times Published: 2016-4-8 0:28:01

Tokyo is coordinating a special document for the G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting which will be held in Hiroshima, Japan in a few days, Japanese media reported. The Japanese government hopes the document will express concern over China advancing militarization in the South China Sea, and strong opposition to China unilaterally changing the status quo. Tokyo may also urge the document to include concern over China sending administrative vessels to waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands.

The influence of the G7 is believed to be waning while the G20 has more weight. But as the only Asian member of the G7, Tokyo seemingly cares about the group's glory the most since it has brought a sense of superiority to many Japanese.

Compared to other international organizations such as the G20 and the United Nations, the G7 is where Japan has a bigger say. Particularly this year as a host country, Tokyo has the right to set the agenda and draft conference documents.

Many believe Tokyo's proposal may not be adopted or its suggested agenda would get toned down. The South China Sea issue was mentioned at the last G7 Summit, but most European countries are reluctant to get deeply involved in the issue and become tied to Tokyo's attitude.

Divergences will possibly appear over Japan's request at the meeting with the result uncertain. For the G7 to continue to play an important role on the international stage, it needs to take a stance that matches its strength. Otherwise, the talk will be mere rhetoric and the G7 will gradually marginalize itself. 

Although the G7 touches on political issues every year, the global economy is the theme of the conference. Strengthening cooperation with China will be in the interest of the G7. Intensifying political issues to thwart China-G7 economic cooperation is unwise. As Japan is becoming increasingly narrow-minded, whether the G7 will follow Japan is an interesting subject.

Given Japan's inextricable links to Western politics and agendas, Tokyo is capable of disturbing Beijing with Western help. It is unnecessary to put too much diplomatic effort into battling Japan in the Western public opinion sphere.

As China's close neighbor, Japan has a developed economy and advanced technology, which China can learn from. However, Tokyo has taken a wrong direction in politics. As Japan is the biggest pivot of the US alliance system in Asia, we should respond to the challenges posed by Japan from a broad strategic perspective.

We have already taken the strategic initiative in the China-Japan relationship. To speak bluntly, Tokyo does not deserve much of our strategic attention.

We can regard Japan as a disoriented neighbor, with whom living in amity is the first choice. This does not mean spoiling Japan. How to manage this unsettled neighbor is a test for China.

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