Beijing confirms a long-range missile test

Source:Global Times Published: 2016-4-22 0:18:01

China's defense ministry on Thursday confirmed the country's latest intercontinental ballistic missile test, calling it routine with no specific target.

"It is normal for China to conduct planned scientific research tests within its territory. Those tests aim at no specific country and target," the defense ministry said.

A report on The Washington Free Beacon said China on Tuesday tested a new long-range missile called the DF-41 with two multiple, independently targetable re-entry vehicles. It did not say where the test was conducted, but added the test came ahead of a visit by US Defense Secretary Ash Carter to the aircraft carrier USS Stennis in the South China Sea.

The Chinese defense ministry said reports had claimed the test was conducted in the vicinity of the South China Sea, but such reports are "pure speculation."

The US Department of Defense issued a report in 2014 on developments in China's military and security, saying China's second artillery force was developing the DF-41 missiles.

According to Jane's Defense Weekly, the DF-41 missiles are designed to have a range of 12,000 kilometers, putting it among the world's longest-range missiles.

The Washington Free Beacon reported in December 2015 about a DF-41 test, which can be mounted on a train.

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