HRW meddles ineptly in deportation case

Source:Global Times Published: 2016-4-26 0:53:02

Human Rights Watch meddles ineptly in deportation case

The New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Sunday called for an end to the repatriation of suspects from Kenya to China. It unprofessionally criticized Kenya's deportation of 45 Taiwanese telecom fraud suspects as "extralegal" in a statement. Also, it asked "where China will strike next" without rhyme or reason.

Even the "Ministry of Justice" of Taiwan holds that Kenya acted in conformity with the principles on legal jurisdiction in repatriating Taiwanese fraud suspects to China. Some Taiwanese politicians and radical public opinion leaders made a brouhaha. The Chinese mainland and Taiwan have enhanced communications over the case. Within the island, it's still hard to say which has caused a bigger controversy, Kenya's repatriation of the suspects to mainland or Taiwan's release of 20 suspects in a telecom scam deported by Malaysia. 

The HRW utterly disregards the legal rights of the mainland victims as well as the territorial principle of international law. It smeared the Chinese mainland as usual without clarifying the issue.

First of all, it made a reckless judgment on the deportation based on its illusion of China's "autocracy" and "juridical darkness." What happened is a transnational criminal case with no links to politics.

The truth is simply that a bunch of Taiwanese and mainlanders conducted telecom fraud overseas targeting mainland victims. Judicial authorities in the mainland have to address the case and investigate the suspects in accordance with the law.

Public opinion in Taiwan initially viewed the case with a tint of cross-Straits politics, but corrected it later. However, the HRW followed radical Taiwanese forces. Its accusations against China are beyond the pale. According to the logic of the HRW, the Chinese mainland should not have independent judicial power, and the Chinese judicial system can only function under the guidance of the West.

Chinese society knows well that there are shortcomings in China's judicial system. However, this imperfect system has supported the operation of the world's No.2 economy. But the West is reluctant to acknowledge its positive significance and value.

The HRW has consistently denied the contribution of China's system to human rights progress. We have sensed its hostility against China from its series of statements. It has to reflect upon why it has been disdained by a gigantic society with one-fifth of the world's population.

When a Western-funded non-governmental organization criticizes China, it's emboldened by Western moral arrogance and Western discourse hegemony. The HRW doesn't have to bear any consequences for its nonsense over the deportation case. Such NGOs are a part of the West's image. As the West declines, their anxieties will surge, leading them to decay quickly.
Newspaper headline: Human Rights Watch meddles ineptly in deportation case

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