Negating 1992 Consensus would change cross-Strait ties

Source:Xinhua Published: 2016-4-28 0:58:01

Negating the 1992 Consensus will lead to a change in relations across the Taiwan Straits, a Chinese mainland spokesman said on Wednesday.

"The 1992 Consensus is both a cornerstone of the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations and an important part of the status quo of cross-Straits ties," said An Fengshan of the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office (SCTAO) at a press conference.

The consensus implies that both the mainland and Taiwan belong to one China, he added.

The establishment of a regular communication mechanism between cross-Straits affairs authorities and the resumption of consultations between the two sides has been based on their adherence to the common political foundation of the 1992 Consensus, the spokesman said.

"Only by continuing to adhere to this important foundation can the good momentum of peaceful development of cross-Straits ties be maintained," he said.

An also warned compatriots across the Taiwan Straits to be vigilant against de-sinicization and "Taiwan independence" activities in the island's cultural sector.

Taiwan's education authority last year changed the wording of some textbooks to better reflect history, altering "Japanese governance" to "Japanese colonization" and "[Chinese] takeover of Taiwan" to "the recovery of sovereignty over Taiwan." The pro-independence Democratic Progress Party and some student factions, however, objected to the changes.

An said that cultural and educational exchanges between the two sides of the Straits have developed in recent years, and that he hopes this could continue.

"Compatriots across the Straits must be highly vigilant in the face of attempts to cut links between the mainland and Taiwan, and reject de-sinicization and 'Taiwan independence' in the culture and education sectors," he said.

A Chinese dictionary, jointly compiled by the mainland and Taiwan, was recently published in Taiwan and will hit the mainland market in July, An said.

He added that the SCTAO will likely create social media accounts to promote cross-Straits exchanges.

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