Show glorifying chaotic decade offends public

Source:Global Times Published: 2016-5-7 0:33:02

Reports and photos have been released recently showing that a concert was staged in the Great Hall of the People in downtown Beijing on May 2 featuring revolutionary songs like "Socialism is good" and "Without the Communist Party there would be no new China." The most controversial song is "Sailing the seas depends on the helmsman," which is considered the "theme song" of the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), a devastating decade of political turmoil.

The show also flashed slogans like "People of the world unite and defeat the American invaders and their running dogs," which reminds people of the painful past of that time.

The show, which organizers called a "symphonic concert of socialist classic songs," drew huge controversy. People are talking about the background of the show, and some even warned that it may be a sign of attempts to start another cultural revolution in China.

However, we do not believe the show has any official backing. This year sees the 50th anniversary of the start of the Cultural Revolution. No official department is likely to organize an event that may cause controversy. An official event would follow the right political line, and would not arrange a song like "Sailing the seas depends on the helmsman," nor would it highlight slogans reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution.

No matter the intent of the organizers, mainstream society will not welcome such a move. The political background of the songs, the timing and the venue of the show combined are likely to cause controversy.

In a diversified society, advocates of different thoughts hope their own circles appeal to more people. When opposing appeals collide on the Internet, there will appear to be "major debates." In fact, in terms of perspectives over the Cultural Revolution, the majority of Chinese society shares similar opinions.

The Communist Party of China has concluded in a 1981 document that the Cultural Revolution is a "serious mistake" that has caused the nation huge losses. This stance will not change. And no official department will stand against it.

Recently, an increasing number of posts online have been talking about the Cultural Revolution. It is normal given the 50th anniversary is coming up. But some are talking with strong emotions, which we believe is a roundabout way to express their opinions of the current political situation. This has complicated the anniversary discussions.

We believe the Party's conclusion 35 years ago over the Cultural Revolution is correct. It has been, and will continue to be, the foundation for our understanding of that chaotic movement. Views that deviate from the document may draw some attention, but will soon be ignored.

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