Six Assurances to Taiwan only empty promises

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/5/18 0:40:31

The US House of Representatives approved a resolution on Taiwan on Monday, reaffirming that the Taiwan Relations Act and the Six Assurances are the cornerstone of the US-Taiwan relationship. The case is considered by certain US media and pro-independence forces as showing support for Taiwan. According to Taiwan's Central News Agency, US congressmen have given bipartisan support for Taiwan before Tsai Ing-wen's inauguration this Friday.

The Six Assurances is the product of the Ronald Reagan era, and it was one of the internal documents that went unnoticed for a long time. However, it has been brought to light again lately, which obviously has something to do with consideration for supporting pro-independence forces on the island. But today, over 30 years since Reagan's presidency, in which significant changes have taken place in terms of the national strength of both China and the US, it remains questionable how effective such support will be.

Capitol Hill doesn't care about Taiwan people, rather it cares about Washington's hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region. On the one hand, the US wants to manifest that it will not lose sight of the island, while showing other allies that it still cares about its commitment to Taiwan. On the other, it is trying to boost morale for Tsai in order to form containment against the Chinese mainland while conducting frequent military intrusions in the South China Sea.

In the 1950s, Taiwan was an unsinkable aircraft carrier in the eyes of the US. Yet today, it is nothing more than a pedal for Washington's rebalance to the Asia-Pacific strategy. The pedal will not only prove to be useless for this rebalance, but is highly likely to bring trouble for the US.

Can a single resolution ensure that separatists in Taiwan will not be punished even if they cross the line? Will the status of the armed strength of the Chinese mainland and Taiwan be reversed by selling a few weapons to the island? Perhaps even the US congressmen are not convinced.  The era when the US can unilaterally control the cross-Straits situation is long gone. As long as China disagrees, any promises Washington has made will end up in vain.

China's national unity is an irresistible trend, which will not be swayed by any foreign forces. The pattern of one-China has already been formed in the globe and it can never be changed by those US congressmen.

If the US congressmen are serious about turning the Six Assurances into a formal law, China is willing to play along. We will make those Americans see that the US is not capable of taking the consequences, if it is determined to keep playing those rotten cards.

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