Chinese peacekeeping brigade in the Levant

Source:Global Times Published: 2016-5-22 20:58:01

Chinese soldiers search for landmines in Rumaysh, Lebanon, during a United Nations peacekeeping mission. Photo: IC

When ground temperatures hit nearly 40 degrees in Rumaysh, Lebanon, a group of Chinese soldiers were holding beeping landmine detectors close to the ground.

The group belongs to the 15th batch of the Chinese peacekeeping brigade in Lebanon, part of a United Nations peacekeeping mission. The brigade has 180 soldiers who form three combat platoons, one construction platoon and one logistics platoon.

The brigade was established in Luzhou, Sichuan Province on April 19, and are carrying out a one-year mission involving landmine clearance, planting territorial markers and construction of military and civil facilities. Beside these missions, they also offer medical services and humanitarian rescue.

During the last 10 years, Chinese soldiers cleared more than 2,000 landmines and 1,500 other dangerous articles, while maintaining a record of zero casualties.

Soldiers in this brigade take pride in being part of China's international mission, and sometimes sacrifice their personal lives for the mission. Deputy commander Cai Hong only asked for two days off when his wife gave birth to their child, which inspired a number of other soldiers to make similar choices.

China began participating in UN peacekeeping missions around the world in 1990, and has deployed at least 30,178 soldiers as of 2015, 10 of whom have been killed in action.

Global Times

Chinese peacekeeping soldiers solute their flag. Photo: IC

Combat soldiers train during their peacekeeping mission. Photo: IC

A soldier holds a landmine detector close to the ground. Photo: IC

Soldiers plant territorial markers at the border between Lebanon and Israel. Photo: IC

Chinese soldiers train their combat skills. Photo: IC



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