HK radicalism is creating antagonism

Source:Global Times Published: 2016/6/29 0:33:01

As July 1 approaches, a protest rally will convene soon in Hong Kong. This has become an annual event held by the Hong Kong opposition since Hong Kong's return to China.

This year, the procession, according to organizers, will be presided over by controversial figures Lam Wing-kee, Ching Cheong and Lau Shan-ching. They are labeled as "ex-prisoners of conscience."

Lam, a bookseller, was arrested by mainland police last October for selling books full of political gossip to the mainland. After being released on bail, Lam retracted his confession. Ching was jailed in 2005 for five years in Guangzhou for espionage, and Lau was sentenced to 10 years in jail for associating with Chinese activists.

Led by the trio, this year's protest rally betrays a tinge of opposition against mainland politics and the legislature.

The Hong Kong opposition keeps showing their discontent with the involvement of the mainland and central government into Hong Kong's business. But their open challenge against the mainland in political and legal affairs is dangerously misleading.

Hong Kong seems to have become a hotbed for the naysayers of the mainland's political system. They are targeting the whole nation.

The direction the Hong Kong opposition is heading goes against the spirit of the Basic Law, and won't end up well politically. They are fooling with Hong Kong's future.

Lam, Ching and Lau's violations of the mainland law do not make them role models.

The opposition lauding them as Hong Kong heroes is pushing Hong Kong and the mainland toward antagonism, which will harm the prosperous city.

After the security-related Article 23 of the Hong Kong Basic Law was vetoed, actions that may harm national security have been given an impetus.

Some radical opposition in Hong Kong keeps pushing the situation to extremes, which is corroding the resilience of the mainland-Hong Kong relationship.

Radical opinions have made an impact on some Hongkongers, who find out that playing up to extremism is profitable. How to get rid of radicalism is now a major task for Hong Kong's mainstream society.

The radical opposition is leading Hong Kong into the unknown. Their ostensibly legitimate calls for democracy are actually against the Basic Law, and won't stand a chance of being realized. However, they continue using it to trick the Hongkongers, who are expected to become their bargaining chips.

With the instigation of Western forces, extremism and radicalism has become the most popular approach to addressing social and political issues. There is no space for reasoning.

Hong Kong is unable to change the negative trajectory. The task is left to the mainland, but it is getting more difficult every year.

Hong Kong should realize that if the situation cannot be changed, Hongkongers will bear the brunt of the consequences. It is time to isolate the real perpetrators of Hong Kong's stability and prosperity.

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