Can Western values tackle challenge of Islamic radicals?

By Wen Dao Source:Global Times Published: 2016/7/25 23:58:00

A 27-year-old Syrian refugee is suspected of being a suicide bomber in an explosion that killed himself and injured 12 others in the southern German town of Ansbach, marking the third act of refugee-related violence within a week in the country, after a knife attack on a train, and an attack on a pregnant woman in a street.

These recent attacks have drawn renewed criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel's open-door immigration policy that has drawn in over 1 million refugees in one year.

Europe is the most desirable safe haven for the refugees struggling at the edge of life and death in the Middle East. As firm advocates for universal values, some European countries are pressured to open the door to refugees suffering from serious human rights crisis. But the idealistic coating of humanitarianism may have hidden another reality: The clashes of different civilizations are getting intense.

Since Paris was hit by a mass terror attack last November, Europe has repeatedly become a target of Islamic extremists. This raises a serious question over whether Western universal values can resist the challenge, increasingly deadly, from Islamic radicals.

With the influx of refugees, more violence follows. One reason is the intentional infiltration of extremists and terrorists, and another is the continual concerns about the future, the desperation for a better life and good jobs, and the growing identify and belief crises that are driving some individual refugees into radicalism.

Many countries in the Middle East are heading toward religious revivalism and turning against secularization. This is turning into one of the greatest challenges for the world and is causing European people to become wary of Muslims. The refugees could get embroiled in more clashes with the Western world as they become involved in local communities more deeply.

The Western world seems still confident over the power of their beliefs and values, or it wouldn't embrace refugees in such great numbers. And the refugees, despite the repercussions of relocating to a foreign land, are mostly looking forward to restoring their shattered lives. But the courses of the two civilizations are becoming diametrically opposed.

Islam has become increasingly marginalized in globalization. As a consequence, most Muslim countries cannot provide sufficient goods and security for their people, and the Western world is not capable enough of dealing with the refugees well.

In such circumstances, it is time for counterterrorism to become a daily and normal act for European individuals.

It should be included in civic education so that the people are alert to the new theme of our times. Counterterrorism should become a part of a modern life.

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