Hong Kong must set systematic restraints over independence

By Shan Renping Source:Global Times Published: 2016/8/8 0:08:46 Last Updated: 2016/8/8 15:23:39

The Hong Kong administration has disqualified six potential candidates with pro-independence stances from running in the 2016 Legislative Council election. The decision thwarted the possibility that these people would advance the idea of Hong Kong independence. Edward Leung Tin-kei, one of the six candidates, even said that revolution is the only way out.

Some Western media also cast their eyes on this event. The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed titled "Hong Kong's pledge of allegiance" which accuses the Chinese mainland of requiring candidates to "sign a loyalty pledge affirming that Hong Kong is an 'inalienable' part of China before they can register to run."

An official in charge of elections in the New Territories East constituency pointed out that although Leung had signed the loyalty pledge that supports the Basic Law and affirms loyalty to the region, it was revealed that he had openly advocated Hong Kong independence on several occasions and stressed that even if he were elected to the Legislative Council, he would not change his pro-independence stance.

The mainland's attitude toward Hong Kong independence is widely known. The Hong Kong authorities have made these election decisions for the sake of the long-term well-being of Hong Kong society.

Hong Kong independence is a false political proposition, but it may brew crises in local political life. This will disturb social governance in Hong Kong and bring about uncertainties.

The Wall Street Journal claimed that the pro-independence demonstrators used to be in a "fringe position," but the cause has become "more credible" due to the Chinese government's "uncompromising response" and suppression of critics. This is to alienate Hong Kong and the mainland.

Hong Kong independence has become an extreme political slogan evolving from individuals' mania. Under a similar system like in Hong Kong and in this connected era, extremism can always find a corner.  

From mainstream society in Hong Kong to Beijing, there is awareness that Hong Kong independence should not be given any credence. However, some political forces in Hong Kong have tried to make use of these calls to serve their own ends. Meanwhile, other dissenting sentiments may also expand by riding on the extreme independence wave. These have created room for the Hong Kong independence farce to grow.

The Hong Kong authorities have realized that it is time to set systematic restraints. The general public in Hong Kong has also acknowledged the harmful effects.

Such things as Hong Kong independence can by no means be tolerated in the mainland. But under the Hong Kong system, odd things are never a surprise. The West would like to see a farce, but its own farces may be more eye-catching.

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