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 As tensions rise, China evacuates 3,000 nationals from Vietnam

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Ha Tinh govt ‘cooperative despite inefficiency’ after riots
Local government in Vietnam's Ha Tinh Province has been cooperative in the evacuation of Chinese workers, despite efficiency issues, sources told the Global Times.

Four dead, 23 severely injured in Vietnam riots: MCC
Four people have been confirmed dead and 23 severely injured during the recent riots in Vietnam, the Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) said in the night of May 20.

Thousands of Chinese cross Vietnam borders
Thousands of Chinese nationals have crossed Vietnamese borders to China or Cambodia after anti-China riots in central and southern Vietnam killed two Chinese and injured more than 100.

30,000 joined Vietnam riots: witnesse
Despite the fact that the Vietnamese foreign ministry said some 19,000 protesters participated in the recent riots in southern Vietnam's Binh Duong Province, witnesses told the Global Times the actual number had reached 30,000.

4,000 Chinese await Vietnam evacuation
Chinese travel agencies suspend Vietnam tours
135 Chinese workers injured in Vietnam's anti-China riots flown home
China suspends parts of bilateral exchange plans with Vietnam
Over 3,000 Chinese nationals evacuated from Vietnam after deadly violence
China sends ships to evacuate nationals from Vietnam
Vietnamese PM urges locals not to join 'illegal demonstration'
Hong Kong reminds residents in Vietnam to exercise caution
China, Vietnam hold talks on recent anti-China violence
Chinese, Vietnamese police chiefs discuss Vietnam violence
China confirms deaths in riots in Vietnam
16 critically injured Chinese citizens in Vietnam set off for home



China once again urges Vietnam to immediately stop disruptions of Chinese company's operation
China on May 16 once again urged Vietnam to immediately stop disruptions of Chinese company's drilling operation in the South China sea.

China urges Vietnam to punish perpetrators, ensure peoples' safety
China on May 15 voiced shock and grave concern over the recent violence against its businesses and nationals in Vietnam and demanded severe punishment of the perpetrators.

China lodges solemn protest with Vietnam over deadly violence
China on May 15 lodged a solemn protest with Vietnam and voiced strong condemnation over the recent violence there against foreign investors and companies that has left a Chinese citizen dead and more than 100 others injured.

Chinese ministry condemns violence in Vietnam
A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOC) on May 16 strongly condemned violence in Vietnam that has caused huge casualties and heavy losses among Chinese nationals and enterprises.

Vietnam sends mixed signals to mobs after two Chinese killed in riots
The Vietnamese government sent mixed signals on May 15 after mobs killed at least two Chinese nationals and more than 100 others in anti-China violence that has spread throughout Vietnam.

Vietnamese PM urges police to ensure security for foreign companies
Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on May 15 ordered the Ministry of Public Security to ensure security and absolute safety for lives and assets as well as normal production of all companies, especially foreign investment firms.

Vietnamese official vows to suppress illegal actions in anti-China protests
Tran Van Nam, vice chairman of Binh Duong Province People's Committee, said in a interview on May 14 that Binh Duong is determined to suppress those who force others to take illegal actions.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka prime minister clarifies gov't stance on South China Sea situation
Sri Lanka's Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne has clarified a statement made in Vietnam regarding the South China Sea issue when he met Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka and reiterated the country's support of China, an embassy official said on May 17.


Global Times
Vietnam's claim over oil rig contention lacks legal foundation under UNCLOS
Vietnam's current claim is seriously weakened by North Vietnam's recognition of Chinese sovereignty over the Paracel Islands in 1958 and its lack of protest between 1958 and 1975.

Diplomatic risks grow with China's rise
It's a demanding and risky job to let other countries get used to China's rise and treat China as a major power. Vietnam and the Philippines, which haven't updated their knowledge about China, still cherish the illusion that China can simply be forced back by pressure.

Vietnam picks dangerous course in China's water
With such reckless and risky behavior, Vietnam has turned a blind eye to the overall picture of Sino-Vietnamese relations and ignored the ongoing efforts made by both countries to create a good atmosphere and environment for all-round cooperation, and seriously jeopardized bilateral mutual trust.

Hanoi disrupts momentum of bilateral ties
China has kept the utmost restraint in the face of Vietnamese provocations to avoid the escalation of a tense situation. In response to provocations, China only used civilian vessels and chose a diplomatic channel for communications with the Vietnamese.

Xinhua News Agency
Stopping unreasonable provocations good for Vietnam
Vietnam's provocations will undermine its international accountability, sharply reduce foreign direct investment and the number of inbound tourists, thus impacting its economic development.

Vietnam cannot afford foreigner enmity
China and Vietnam, sharing a border thousands of kilometers long on land and at sea, have a millennium-old history of interaction with ups and downs. But at no point in this timeline has hostility done any good.

Vietnam to take economic hit for violent protests
For the Vietnamese government, its failure or inaction to prevent such tragedy can only tarnish its image as a favorable destination for international investment and tourism, which could bring about severe consequences for its own economy.

News.ifeng.com published in an editorial May 14 that a responsible nation should firmly protect its citizens and territory. When handling conflicts with the Philippines and Vietnam, China need not consider the wills of their governments, including the US.  The Chinese government needs to protect its people, including the Taiwanese, from suffering, preserve the respect of its citizens and protect their interests.

           Recent Years' Protests

July 10, 2011Vietnamese police broke up an anti-China rally on July 10 and arrested at least 10 people, in the latest protest over tensions in the South China Sea.
July 17, 2011Vietnamese police Sunday broke up anti-China demonstrations for the second weekend in the capital amid tensions over the South China Sea between Beijing and Hanoi.
August 21, 2011Plainclothes policemen forced around 40 protesters onto two public buses and drove them away shortly after the start of the demonstration at a lake popular with tourists and locals, AFP reported.
July 22, 2012About 200 people staged a protest in Hanoi, Vietnam against China - the third this month - over its territorial claims in the South China Sea, amid rising tensions.
December 9, 2012Vietnam broke up anti-China rallies in its two main cities and arrested around 20 people, in the latest protests against Beijing as tensions flare over the South China Sea.

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