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              Remarks of Li Keqiang

 The government will resolutely take comprehensive measures if the economic growth slips out of the "reasonable range."

 China will actively foster new growth drivers while transforming and upgrading traditional ones so that they will form "twin engines" to propel China's development.

 Inspired by history and experiences after the WWII, Asian countries should be good neighbors and friends and not be disturbed by minor frictions and contradictions, no matter what stage of  development they are in. 

 We should make use of new models such as the Internet Plus. We should build platforms for innovation cooperation and encourage the sharing of best practices ... to involve the general public, especially young people.


Emerging economies breathe easier as Fed backs off

The US Federal Reserve has scaled back its pace of interest rate hikes with its announcement on Wednesday that it will keep interest rates unchanged for at least another month. It may also save the US central bank from being accused of destabilizing the global economy.

Premier Li offers reassurance that short-term pain will translate into long-term gain

Although a Reuters reporter expressed thinly veiled worries about China’s financial market in his questions posed to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the annual major news conference on Wednesday, it has become clear that Chinese top leaders are not turning a blind eye to some of the problems that have arisen as the country remakes its economy.

Lowering corporate debt the key issue as China increases efforts to deleverage

Deleveraging has become a vital task for the Chinese economy. The overall leverage in China’s economy, which is the total debt-to-GDP ratio, is around 250 percent. The leverage is not high, and in line with the level of the US and major developed economies in Europe. Japan’s leverage level is much higher.

China should make greater use of IT to tackle poverty

China has been battling poverty for decades, and as part of its current efforts, the country is looking to IT as a growing source of help.

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 Bilateral Investment Treaty

China-US investment treaty talks near last stage
China hopes to achieve substantial results from negotiations with the US over a Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) before August, but it is still hard for both sides to reach a consensus on the negative list issue.

 Regional business

Region faces uncertainties, financial crises in some emerging economies
Experts at a regional business and economic forum said Tuesday Asia's future growth faces uncertainties despite its growing share in world trade.

China's economic transition set to boost Asian integration despite slower trade growth
Regional economic integration in Asia is expected to deepen further as China moves up the international value chain despite weakening trade growth, experts who follow China's ongoing economic transition said.

 New media

New media helping public report official misbehavior
New media is proving to be an effective tool in gathering public tip-offs about official corruption and extravagance, data from China's anti-graft agency has showed. 


Crowdfunding for start-ups rises
Start-up businesses raised more than 11.42 billion yuan ($1.7 billion) through crowdfunding in China in 2015, according to Internet finance service provider Wangdaizhijia.

China encouraging crowdfunding to fuel entrepreneurship
China will encourage crowdfunding to help fund the boom in small businesses that it is hoping will boost the economy, according to Premier Li Keqiang.

 Rural development

Alibaba to train 1 million rural e-commerce gurus
Alibaba reached an agreement with China Communist Youth League, a CPC reserve force, to train 1 million teenagers to take e-commerce to rural areas. 

Xiaomi founder urges NPC to boost rural Internet service
Lei Jun, founder of tech star Xiaomi Inc and a delegate to the National People's Congress (NPC), made a proposal on Monday during the ongoing two sessions regarding Internet service in rural areas.

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