Suu Kyi's China visit: the wider picture

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2020/12/29 9:02:31

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On China-Myanmar relations

China always treats the China-Myanmar relationship from a strategic and long-term perspective…We hope and believe that the Myanmar side will also maintain a consistent stance on the China-Myanmar relationship and be committed to advancing friendly ties, no matter how its domestic situation changes.
Chinese President Xi Jinping

China's relations with its neighboring countries haven't suffered substantially from each other's domestic political disturbances. Even though there are temporary small incidents, they turn out to be trivial in the big picture. No country's internal political disputes can pose a threat to its amicable relations with China. Beijing-Nay Pyi Taw ties are no exception.

There are different voices in China's public opinion over Suu Kyi, with some adoring her, and some disliking her. But these factors have not affected favorable interactions between the two sides.

China has developed mature strategic principles in dealing with relations with surrounding countries that welcome these principles.
Source: Global Times

There is also a reminder: China has no intention to interfere in Myanmar's internal affairs, but is determined to protect its citizens from being caught in a war launched from the other side of the border.
Source: Global Times

Suu Kyi's visit indicates that the Sino-Myanmese relationship will be reinforced in a wider spectrum. From Thura Shwe Mann, chairman of the Union Solidarity and Development Party and speaker of the House of Representatives, to Suu Kyi, China is about to initiate a multi-faceted diplomacy with Myanmar by sustaining government-to-government communication and at the same time deepening talks with opposition parties and non-governmental figures of Myanmar. The CPC's invitation of Suu Kyi means Beijing eyes further ties with Myanmar in the long-term perspective.
Source: Global Times

"This is an important party-to-party exchange for the CPC. State and Party leaders will meet with the delegation," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei said at a daily news briefing.
Source: Xinhua

On timing of visit

This move is especially required because border security between Myanmar and China has been put in high risks after the Myanmese planes and artillery shells have crossed the border several times and inflicted casualties on Chinese civilians. To some extent, by inviting Suu Kyi to visit China, Beijing wants to caution the Myanmese government, especially its hawks, on this matter.
Source: Global Times

On Suu Kyi

Suu Kyi will become a good friend of China. She has made some positive remarks about China over the years, and also showed a pragmatic attitude in disputes concerning Chinese projects.
Source: Global Times

Suu Kyi used to be the most intense critic of the Myanmese junta, and she also raised objections to Chinese investment projects during that time. But since she was elected as a member of the House of Representatives, Suu Kyi has started to recalibrate her policy, stating on many occasions that she expects an improvement in Myanmar-China relations. In media interviews, Suu Kyi also expressed her expectation for a visit to China in an official capacity.
Source: Global Times


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