Tianjin explosions: Latest updates

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              Latest Updates

Latest update: 6:00 pm, August 27

--------------------------------------------------------September 1--------------------------------------------------------------------

10:15 pm
The death toll from the Tianjin warehouse explosions rose to 159 on Tuesday with 14 people still missing two weeks after the blasts, according to rescue authorities.

----------------------------------------------------------August 30----------------------------------------------------------------------

6:00 pm
The death toll from the Tianjin warehouse explosions more than two weeks ago rose to 150 on Sunday with 23 others still missing, according to rescue authorities.

----------------------------------------------------------August 27----------------------------------------------------------------------

6:00 pm
The death toll from the Tianjin warehouse explosions two weeks ago rose to 145 on Thursday with 28 others still missing.

----------------------------------------------------------August 25----------------------------------------------------------------------

5:00 pm
Rescue authorities updated the death toll from the Tianjin warehouse explosions to 135, with 38 others missing.

----------------------------------------------------------August 20----------------------------------------------------------------------

10:00 pm
No toxic levels of cyanide have been detected in water samples taken from a Tianjin river where a large number of dead fish were spotted after last week's explosions.

The analysis was conducted at around 5:30 p.m. Thursday at a section of the Haihe River, which is several kilometers away from the site of the explosions at the north China port, according to the city's environment monitoring center.

5:00 pm
President Xi Jinping and other top Communist Party of China (CPC) leaders have issued a call for hard work and professionalism in response to the Tianjin explosions after hearing a report on rescue and follow-up work on Thursday.

4:00 pm
Death toll from the massive warehouse explosions on August 12 in North China's Tianjin city remains  114 as of August 20, officials said at a press conference on Thursday. The identities of 107 victims have been confirmed. 69 people remain missing, including 48 firefighters.

The missing firefighters included 5 in active service, and 43 working for the Tianjin Port Group Co.

A total of 648 people remained in hospital, including 53 in critical condition.

----------------------------------------------------------August 19----------------------------------------------------------------------

2:00 pm
A total 114 deaths have been reported, while 64 remain missing in Tianjin blasts as of 2: 00 pm, August 19.

More than 7,000 apartments were damaged, about 30,000 residents were affected, and at least 3,000 vehicles were destroyed in the massive warehouse explosions that rocked Tianjin on August 12, said Huang Xingguo, general director of the Tianjin blast rescue at a press conference on August 19.

11:00 am
Death toll from the massive warehouse explosions on August 12 in North China's Tianjin city remains  114 as of 9 am August 19, officials said at a press conference on Wednesday. The identities of 101 victims have been confirmed. 65 people remain missing, including 49 firefighters.

The missing firefighters included 5 in active service, and 44 working for the Tianjin Port Group Co.

A total of 674 people remained in hospital, including 56 in critical condition.

----------------------------------------------------------August 18----------------------------------------------------------------------

6:00 pm
Yang Dongliang, director of the State Administration of Work Safety, is under investigation by the Communist Party of China's (CPC) Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI).

Yang was serving as director of the State Administration of Work Safety when he attended a rescue operation meeting held by public security minister Guo Shengkun last night, Tianjin Daily reported on August 18.

4:15 pm
Volatile phenol, a toxic substance, was detected in water samples collected near the Tianjin Port for the first time, the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) said Tuesday.

1:40 pm
Chinese authorities are treating thousands of tonnes of polluted water at the Tianjin port.

12:50 pm
China's State Council has established an investigation team to probe the cause of last week's deadly explosions in Tianjin.

12:20 pm
Ten people with connections to the company that owned the warehouse that exploded in Tianjin have been taken into police custody, Caijing reported on August 18. Yu Xuewei and Dong Shexuan, directors of Ruihai International Logistics, were among the senior managers and shareholders taken in for questioning after their company’s warehouse exploded on the night of August 12 in Tianjin's Binhai New Area, which resulted in 114 deaths and 57 missing as of 9 am on August 18.

11:00 am
Death toll from the Wednesday night’s massive warehouse explosions in North China's Tianjin city remains 114  as of 9 am August 18, officials said at a press conference on Tuesday. The identities of  83  victims have been confirmed. 57 people remain missing, including 52 firefighters and 5 policemen.

The missing firefighters included 6 in active service, and 46 working for the Tianjin Port Group Co.

A total of 692 people remained in hospital, including 57 in critical condition.

10:00 am

A mourning ceremony was held Tuesday morning for the more than 100 who died from a warehouse blast in the Chinese port city of Tianjin.

----------------------------------------------------------August 17----------------------------------------------------------------------
4:34 pm
Minute traces of cyanide have been detected in water samples collected near the Tianjin Port, the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) said.

1:40 pm
The Tianhe-1A supercomputer has resumed service on Monday.

11:30 am
Operations at the Tianjin port in north China have returned to normal.

11:00 am 
Death toll from the massive warehouse explosions in north China's Tianjin city rises to 114. The identities of 54 victims have been confirmed. Another 70 are still missing. 698 people are hospitalized, including 20 critically wounded and 37 in serious condition

----------------------------------------------------------August 16----------------------------------------------------------------------

02:50 pm
No rescuer has been made ill by chemical contamination since the warehouse blasts in north China's Tianjin port, the rescue headquarters told Xinhua.

02:32 pm
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang departed for Tianjin Sunday afternoon to visit with rescue workers and victims of the devastating explosion late Wednesday. Li will also oversee further rescue and safety work, according to China National Radio.

10:00 am
Death toll from the massive warehouse explosions in north China's Tianjin city rose to 112 as of 9 am August 16. The identities of 24 victims have been confirmed. Another 95 were reported missing, including 85 firemen.

----------------------------------------------------------August 15----------------------------------------------------------------------

11:23 pm
Tianjin blast rescuers are currently working to remove some 700 tons of deadly sodium cyanide stored at the site of Wednesday's warehouse explosion, Science and Technology Daily reported. Rescue workers have prepared hundreds of tons of hydrogen peroxide to clean any cyanide residue, a material that is lethal if inhaled or ingested. Although firefighters told the paper there are no large-scale leaks at the site, CCTV reports levels of cyanide have been detected in the sewage and smaller leaks have been confirmed.

10: 00 pm
The death toll of the explosion that rocked Tianjin Wednesday night rose to 104, according to the verified Sina Weibo account Xinhua eNews.

6:20 pm
A total of 46 people were rescued, said Zhou Tian, head of the city's fire department, on the press conference held at 5:00 pm to notify the Tianjin explosion event in Tianjin, north China, August 15, 2015.

2:50 pm
A man in his fifties was rescued from the Tianjin blasts site.

2:30 pm
Tianjin authorities are evacuating people around the explosion that rocked Tanggu district on Thursday, Beijing News reported. Hazmat workers have been sent in to handle the toxic chemical after sodium cyanide was discovered to be stored just east of the blast epicenter.

1:03 pm
Flames were seen at 11:40 am, and Xinhua reporters heard several blasts. Dense smoke could be seen at the site.

12:05 pm
Specialized anti-chemical warfare soldiers entered the core area of the Tianjin blasts site in the morning to search for possible lives.

10:14 am
Death toll rose to 85 as of night of August 14, local authorities said on August 15.
----------------------------------------------------------August 14----------------------------------------------------------------------

6:22 pm
The fire was "basically out."

6:00 pm
The death toll has risen to 56, including 21 firemen. 721 others were hospitalized, including 25 critically wounded and 33 in serious condition, the rescue headquarters said.

3:00 pm
A total of 721 people have been hospitalized, including 58 critically injured, according to Tianjin Daily.

12:52 pm
Authorities tasked with marine monitoring announced there were no hazardous chemicals detected in waters off the blast site in  Tianjin.

10:40 am
The dangerous chemicals stored in the warehouses that exploded can not be determined at the moment, authorities said at a press conference.

9:30 am
Five more people were found dead and the death toll rose to 55.

7:05 am
One survivor of the Tianjin blasts was rescued at 7:05 am Friday, authorities said.  

----------------------------------------------------------August 13----------------------------------------------------------------------

10:00 pm
The death toll rose to 50, including 17 firefighters, the youngest of whom was some one month away from his 18th birthday. A total of 701 people have been hospitalized, including 70 critically injured.

07:30 pm
A team of 217 military specialists in nuclear and biochemical materials has arrived in the northern city of Tianjin following explosions at a warehouse on Wednesday.

05:08 pm
Fires after massive warehouse blasts in the northern Chinese port of Tianjin on Wednesday night are now "under initial control", but 18 firefighters are still missing, the Ministry of Public Security has said.

04:52 pm
As of 4 pm, the blast has left 44 people dead, including 12 firemen. A total of 521 people have been hospitalized, including 52 critically injured.

03:38 pm
The air quality remained normal in the region near the warehouse which was destroyed by blasts Wednesday night, the city's environmental bureau said. Specialized anti-chemical warfare troops were being sent to the site.

01:15 pm
The blast has left 44 people dead, including 12 firemen. A total of 520 people have been hospitalized, including 66 critically injured.

11:43 am
China has shut down supercomputer Tianhe-1A due to the blast in Tianjin.

10:08 am
At least nine firefighters were confirmed dead, according to police authority.

10:00 am

The blast has left 17 people dead, with more than 400 injured. At least nine firefighters were confirmed dead, with dozens of others "out of contact".

9:24 am
Teda Hospital has received the bodies of 42 people from the Tianjin explosion site, according to Beijing News. Authorities yet to confirm.

8:02 am
Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang have urged all-out efforts to save the injured and minimize casualties in the Tianjin blast.

7:57 am

The death toll from a Tianjin warehouse blast Wednesday night has climbed to 17, according to rescuers. Another 32 people were critically injured and 283 people are under observation in hospital.

4:57 am
Seven people have been confirmed dead and at least another 180 injured in Tianjin warehouse blast.

3:00 am
Two firefighters were "out of contact" and another four injured after an explosion rocked a warehouse in north China's Tianjin, according to police authority.

----------------------------------------------------------August 12----------------------------------------------------------------------

11:30 pm

An explosion ripped through a warehouse in the Binhai New Area in China's Tianjin City.
              Accident Details

Time: about 11:30 pm local time, August 12

Location: Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics Co Ltd

Casualties: 159 dead, including 95 firemen, 11 policemen and 53 others; 14 are still missing, including 9 firefighters, 5 others;  (As of 10:15 pm, Sep 1)

Explosions: The first explosion occurred around 11:30 pm at a warehouse in the Binhai New Area. Only seconds later, a second blast wreaked more havoc, as fireballs shot into the sky, sent doors and windows flying in neighboring areas, and set cars and houses on fire.

Cause: Still unknown


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Economic losses of Tianjin explosion should not be overplayed

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Tragedy raises questions over safety planning

The explosions in Tianjin may have raised questions over loopholes in the logistics company's safety precautions and the warehouse's location.

Editorial: Efficiency, transparency needed for rescue work after Tianjin blasts

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