Xi Jinping's UK visit

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2020/12/29 9:03:09

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Britain-China partnership has potential to become model for major-country relations

The current "golden" relationship between Britain and China has the potential to become a model for handling relations between major countries in the world, British experts have said.

Western elite poorly convey China's values

Xi has always had a gift for relating to the men and women on the street and they have repaid him with affection and adulation.

London debt issue represents milestone for China

According to the People's Bank of China (PBC), the central bank, China issued 5 billion yuan ($788 million) worth of one-year bills in London on Tuesday, the first time that China has issued yuan-denominated bills outside the country. As reported by the Financial Times, China's Ministry of Finance is likely to offer yuan-denominated debt with longer terms. This shows that economic cooperation between China and the UK has been elevated to a new level.

UK support for yuan's SDR inclusion could help China in curbing capital outflows

Following a joint declaration by China and the UK on Thursday voicing support for the yuan's inclusion in the IMF's reserve currency basket, the Chinese currency has certainly moved closer to membership of the elite money club, which could be of particular importance amid continued capital outflows from China.

UK, China explore new complementarities

Cementing multi-faceted ties with China and taking a free ride on its unprecedented development has found a wide consensus among British public opinion. Regaining its great power clout by strengthening ties with Beijing is a smart move by London. At the same time, the UK can serve as a lynchpin in China's foreign policy.

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