China to lead regional anti-terrorism drill ‘Peace Mission – 2014’

Source:Globaltimes.cn Published: 2014/8/24 19:26:54

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SCO anti-terror drill kicks off in China
A multinational anti-terror drill was kicked off by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in north China's Inner Mongolia on August 24.

Joint tactical coordination conducted in "Peace Mission - 2014" exercise
The joint tactical coordination in mountainous area and city was conducted in succession on August 21, 2014 in the "Peace Mission - 2014" joint anti-terrorism exercise of the armed forces of the member states of  SCO.

Troops of “Peace Mission -2014” exercise open some equipment for visit
Some officers and men from the troops of Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Russia to participate in the “Peace Mission - 2014” joint anti-terrorism military exercise of the armed forces of SCO member states visited each other’s equipment and carried out an on-site interactive exchange at the Zhuirihe training base in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the afternoon of August 21, 2014.
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People's Daily Overseas Edition - Anti-terrorism exercise has nothing to do with America
In contrast to multilateral or bilateral drills conducted by some other countries, including Japan, this multinational drill will be accessible to the public. China and Russia have released the schedule, location, and military deployments of the drill. Furthermore, organizers will invite the SCO secretariat and regional anti-terrorism agencies, along with six observer nations including Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia and India, and three dialogue partners including Sri Lanka, Byelorussia and Turkey, to review the drill. Military attaches to China from more than 60 countries are also listed on the invitation.

Xinhua - SCO not military alliance: PLA officer
"The SCO is a regional international organization in adherence to the principles of being non-aligned, non-confrontational and not targeted at any third party," said Wang Ning, chief director of the drill and deputy chief of the PLA general staff.

China Military Online - "Peace Mission - 2014" joint anti-terrorism exercise to highlight five features
The exercise will be conducted in China throughout the process for the first time. A meeting for the chiefs of general staff of the SCO member states and a military music festival will be organized simultaneously for the first time, which is of important and far-reaching political significance on strengthening mutual trust among the SCO member states, maintaining regional security and stability, and pushing forward establishment of a fair and reasonable new international political order.

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