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(1) Drafting and enforcing relevant laws, rules and regulations that are related to fulfilling its functions;

(2) Formulating and implementing monetary policy in accordance with law;

(3) Issuing the Renminbi and administering its circulation;

(4) Regulating financial markets, including the inter-bank lending market, the inter-bank bond market, foreign exchange market and gold market;

(5) Preventing and mitigating systemic financial risks to safeguard financial stability;

(6) Maintaining the Renminbi exchange rate at adaptive and equilibrium level; holding and managing the state foreign exchange and gold reserves;

(7) Managing the State treasury as fiscal agent;

(8) Making payment and settlement rules in collaboration with relevant departments and ensuring normal operation of the payment and settlement systems;

(9) Providing guidance to anti-money laundering work in the financial sector and monitoring money-laundering related suspicious fund movement;

(10) Developing statistics system for the financial industry and responsible for the consolidation of financial statistics as well as the conduct of economic analysis and forecast;

(11) Administering credit reporting industry in China and promoting the building up of credit information system;

(12) Participating in international financial activities at the capacity of the central bank;

(13) Engaging in financial business operations in line with relevant rules;

(14) Performing other functions prescribed by the State Council.

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