The little engines that still can: China's steam locomotives
By, Published: 2015-06-11 10:27:27
A steam locomotive rolls through Qianwei county, Sichuan Province. The engine travels on tracks first laid by the Jiayang Coal Mine in 1958. The 19.84-kilometer-long line began operation on July 12, 1959, connecting the towns of Bagou and Shixi for coal transport. The steam engine line is still used today as a passenger train. Photo:
Although the coal mine was exhausted in the 1980s, the steam train remains the only means of transportation for area locals. The tracks are 76.2 centimeters apart, only half the distance of modern rail lines. Photo:
Local villagers board the train. The steam engine attracts a large number of train enthusiasts to the area every year. The local government listed the train as "protected industrial heritage" on April 18, 2006. Photo:
Local villagers walk on the rails. Photo:
Passengers ride the train. Photo:
An old woman watches a steam train from her yard. Photo:
The train engineer talks with a man from inside the locomotive cab. Photo:
Local residents wait for the train to pull from a station. Photo:
A worker shovels coal into the train's furnace. Photo:
Passengers ride the steam train. Photo:
Passengers hold the handrails. Photo:
Passengers look out of the train's windows. Photo:
A steam train passes through mountains. Photo:
A passenger heads to the train. Photo:
Locals near the train station wait to peddle their products to tourists. Photo:
Local residents walk through a tunnel for the steam train. Photo:
Local mechanics work on parts used to maintain the steam trains. Photo:
Local passengers get on the train with their belongings. Photo:
A woman walks across the train tracks carrying her belongings on a pole. Photo:
Tourists snap photos of a rainbow while a steam train passes through a valley. Photo:
A passenger waits to get off the train. Photo: