‘Smile diary’ helps mother cope with son’s leukemia

Source: Globaltimes.cn Published: 2015/6/14 10:37:10

Highlights: Jü Dou, a nickname meaning “super funny,” is a two-year-old boy diagnosed with leukemia in January 2015. Ever since, his mother has been chronicling his life through photos on her Sina Weibo account (@Baixuebingdouerma). Rather than focus on his enduring pain, his mother’s web diary is filled with smiles, caring words and hope her son triumphs over the disease.

  • Jü Dou plays with the flashing red light of his fingertip pulse oximeter in the corridor of a hospital on January 28, 2015. The boy was first diagnosed with leukemia after a routine medical checkup. He underwent a bone marrow exam to make a definitive diagnosis the next day. Photo: Renren account “Aimeng”

  • Jü Dou wears the cap of a lunchbox as a hat in a hospital ward on February 1, 2015. The boy regained his appetite for his father’s cooking after undergoing two rough days of therapy. Photo: Renren account “Aimeng”

  • Jü Dou and his mother take selfies in the hospital on February 11, 2015. Jü Dou is used to be woken up at 5:30 am for routine blood tests and IV drips. “There are always tears for the nurse who gives him injections and a big smile for the one takes his blood pressure,” she said. Photo: Renren account “Aimeng”

  • Ju Dou’s mother sits by his bedside on February 5, 2015. She sang a song to her son to ease his pain from a lumbar puncture. Photo: Renren account “Aimeng”

  • “Word of the day: home!” Jü Dou and his mother ready to head home for ten days of recuperation on March 23, 2015 before the next phase of treatment. Photo: Weibo account “Baixuebingdouerma”

  • Jü Dou watches TV with his father at home. Photo: Weibo account “Baixuebingdouerma”

  • Jü Dou dresses to go back to the hospital on March 31, 2015 after being informed about an available space. The boy packed his belongings by himself like a “veteran,” his mother wrote. Photo: Weibo account “Baixuebingdouerma”

  • Jü Dou gives his mother a pretend injunction, telling her “one shot, one bandage, don’t cry!” on March 31, 2015. Photo: Weibo account “Baixuebingdouerma”

  • Jü Dou stands in a big porcelain vat in Ritan Park, Beijing, on April 27, 2015. He later told his mother that he was too brave to be afraid of having an injection. Photo: Weibo account “Baixuebingdouerma”

  • Jü Dou plays at home while his family packs for another course of treatment at the hospital on April 27, 2015. Photo: Weibo account “Baixuebingdouerma”

  • Jü Dou gives his mother a rose on Mother’s Day on May 10, 2015. Photo: Weibo account “Baixuebingdouerma”

  • Jü Dou’s mother takes a picture of her reflection at the hospital on May 15, 2015. She had to cancel weekend plans and a much needed rest after Jü Dou ran a fever and condition worsened. In the photo she took a moment to ease her mind. “It matters,” she posted. Photo: Weibo account “Baixuebingdouerma”

  • Jü Dou plays with injectors once used on him on May 20, 2015. Photo: Weibo account “Baixuebingdouerma”

  • After a tough day of chemotherapy, Jü Dou holds his mother’s hand as he sleeps on May 21, 2015. The ring on her finger was a gift from Jü Dou’s father on May 21, or 5-21, a homonym for “I love you” in Chinese. Photo: Weibo account “Baixuebingdouerma”

  • Jü Dou (right) styles his mother’s hair while they wait for his father in the car on May 25, 2015. The boy was permitted to rest at home until next treatment, a privilege for which he was so happy that he exclaimed he wanted a penguin for a pet someday, a comment that delighted his mother. Photo: Weibo account “Baixuebingdouerma”

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