14 cartoon cats Chinese love
By Globaltimes.cn, Published: 2015-06-16 13:38:19
Doraemon, from the Japanese cartoon Doraemon. A blue robot cat from the future who has a magic pocket on his belly. The 3D film Stand By Me Doraemon was released on August 8, 2014 in Japan to become the nation’s second-largest grossing film that year. Photo: mtime.com
Editor's Note:
The Japanese animated box office smash Stand By Me Doraemon has hit theaters across China, evoking childhood memories of the beloved blue robot cat among many Chinese. Cartoon cats have always been a big box office draw. Check out this list of our classic childhood favorites.

A screenshot from iqiyi.com shows Tom, from the US cartoon series Tom and Jerry. Unlike many animated cats, Tom rarely speaks in his often failed pursuits to catch his lifelong nemesis, Jerry the mouse. Photo: Globaltimes.cn
Catbus, from the Japanese animated film My Neighbor Totoro (1988). Catbus is a large creature with a hollow body. Photo: mtime.com
Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, from the Japanese animated film The Cat Returns(2002). He was a cat figurine that came to life thanks to the work of his artist. He is a ‘gentlecat’ with superb fencing skills. Photo: mtime.com
A screengrab from letv.com shows Meowth (middle), from the Japanese animation series Pokémon(1997). A walking, talking member of the villainous Team Rocket. Photo: Globaltimes.cn
Garfield, star of the US comic strip of the same name. Garfield is a fat, lazy orange tabby who enjoys eating and sleeping. The comic was first syndicated on June 19, 1978 and was adapted as a TV cartoon series in 1982. A feature movie, Garfield, was released in 2004. Photo: mtime.com
A screengrab from iqiyi.com shows Madara, from the Japanese series Natsume's Book of Friends. A spirit who takes the form of a ‘lucky cat’. The TV series adapted from the comic was released in 2008. Photo: Globaltimes.cn
A screenshot of Karupin, from the Japanese animation series The Prince Of Tennis. This brown and white cat with blue eyes is the pet of Ryoma Echizen, the protagonist of the series. The comic was first published in 1998 and a TV series was released in 2001. Photo: Globaltimes.cn
A screengrab of Mr. Black, from the Chinese series Black Cat Detective(1984). A brave and clever cat police-cat that cracks tough cases to protect his fellow forest dwellers. Photo: Globaltimes.cn
Top Cat, from US cartoon series of the same name was released in 1961. Top Cat is a streetwise stray who often tricks his fellow felines and dupes his arch-enemy Officer Dibble. Photo: mtime.com
A screenshot of Chi, from Japanese animation series Chi's Sweet Home. This adorable stray is found by a young boy and becomes a loveable troublemaker. The comic series was first published in 2004 and adapted for television in 2008. Photo: Globaltimes.cn
A screenshot from sohu.com shows Luna, from Japanese animation series Sailor Moon. A black cat that is the partner and pet of Princess Serenity. Sailor Moon was first a comic book in 1991 before it was adapted into a cartoon series the following year. Photo: Globaltimes.cn
Puss, from US animated film Puss in Boots(2011). The character Puss comes from a 16th century European fairy tale about a cunning but loveable cat who achieves fame and wealth through trickery. Puss also appears in the Shrek film series. Photo: mtime.com
Hello Kitty, the creation of Japanese company Sanrio, which in 2014 announced to the world that Hello Kitty is in fact a little girl. Photo: xinhua.com