New PLA campaign targets new recruits: The Second Artillery Corps
By, Published: 2015-06-17 14:25:14
New recruits take an oath.
Editor's Note:
As part of their latest online recruitment campaign, China's PLA posted a number of photo series showing life in different branches of the armed forces, the second of which comes courtesy of the Second Artillery Corps. Photos:

A missile launches.
A brigade of the Second Artillery Corps launches a missile at dusk.
A missile takes off
Soldiers take an oath in front of the flag of the Communist Party of China.
Recruits learn the proper way to make a bed.
Rank and formation drill
Tan Qingquan (left), a senior engineer of a missile brigade, lectures on his technical expertise.
Recruits learn from experienced senior officers.
A new recruit trains with a senior officer.
New recruits participate in chemical defense training on November 15, 2014.
Soldiers undergo technical training that could lead to skilled posts such as meteorology, surveying and mapping and communications.
Two soldiers rivet ventilation pipes in place. Many soldiers make contributions daily without any recognition.
A Second Artillery Corps engineering soldier works underground.
Skilled workers are vital to quality construction. Each craftsman must strive for excellence at every stage of construction.
Soldiers work to lay a network of rebar.
The corps evolved from using shovels and drill rods to modern construction equipment.
Your comrades-in-arms will be in attendance on your wedding day.
You will walk down the aisle in military uniform.
Your fellow soldiers will send you their best wishes.
Do not hesitate to join the PLA's Second Artillery Corps and defend our motherland.