Top dogs: 12 cartoon canines that won our hearts
By, Published: 2015-06-18 19:36:55
Bolt, from the US animated film Bolt (2008). This loveable canine plays superhero on a hit television series, but is convinced he has superpowers in real life. Photo:
Gromit, from the British animated series Wallace and Gromit. He is an intelligent dog who graduated with an “Engineering for Dogs” degree with high marks. The first installment of this stop-animation series was released in 1990. Photo:
Pongo and Perdita, from the US animated film 101 Dalmatians (1961). They are the proud parents of 15 puppies who later adopted 84 others. Photo:
Dug, from the US animated film Up (2009). Dug is a Golden Retriever who communicates with humans using his high-tech collar. Photo:
Dorjee, from the China-Japan animated film The Tibetan Dog (2011). He is a golden Tibetan Mastiff who protects his master and catches villains. Photo:
Tulip , from the US animated feature film My Dog Tulip (2009), based on the 1956 memoir of the same name. This Alsatian dog spends 15 years besides her master. Photo: T
Balto, from the US cartoon of the same name (1995). Balto is based on the story of a real dog who helped stave off an diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska by heading a dogsled team to deliver the serum. Photo:
Sparky, from US animated film Frankenweenie (2012). Adapted from a short directed by Tim Burton in 1984, the film is about a dog that was killed in a car accident and reanimated by his owner. Photo:
Lady (left) and Tramp from the animated Disney film Lady and Tramp (1955). Tramp is a stray that falls in love with the well-bred Lady. Photo:
Snoopy, from US comic strip Peanuts first syndicated in 1950. A 3D film starring the snarky puppy will hit screens this year. Photo:
Mr. Peabody, from the 3D animated film Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2014). A super genius and Renaissance dog, Mr. Peabody adopts a little boy, Sherman, and goes on wild adventures. The characters originally appeared on the US animated television series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show in the 1960s. Photo:
Romeo, from India-US animated comedy Roadside Romeo (2008). This riches-to-rags story centers on Romeo, who becomes a stray and faces a whole new life and challenges of life on the street. Photo: