New PLA campaign targets new recruits: Land Force
By, Published: 2015-06-23 10:26:57
Soldiers from Lanzhou Military Area Command sprint during the final stage of their 5km cross-country race. Soldiers serving on a Plateau frequently train in cardiovascular exercise to better combat the high altitude. New recruits initially collapse with exhaust, but through blood, sweat and tears, they ultimately finish with a triumphant smile.
Editor's Note:
As part of their latest online recruitment campaign, China’s PLA posted a number of photo series showing life in different branches of the armed forces, the third of which comes courtesy of the Land Force. Photos:

An armed soldier guards the Chinese border. Service can be lonely, but like a double rainbow, it comes with its surprises.
A soldier rappels from a military helicopter with his canine partner on his back.
Soldiers sing before mealtime while standing in a blizzard at the Wudaoliang military depot on the Sichuan-Tibet Line. Soldiers serving in the automotive corps in this area have to get used to the wind and snow.
Pictured is the hand (right) of a young soldier stationed on the border of Ngari Prefecture, China. His hands tell of his loyalty and sacrifices he has made for his country.
Soldiers from the Air Defense Brigade train in the field.
A soldier takes training in a pouring rain, with muddy water on his face and clothes.
A group of soldiers train in muddy water using logs. Overcoming challenges is part of becoming a better soldier.
Soldiers learn to keep calm and focused despite having open and bleeding injuries.
Infantry soldiers undergo cold weather endurance training at the Heilongjiang Provincial Military Area Command on December 16, 2014. Soldiers stationed in the Heihe border region often deal with winter temperatures as low as -30 C.
Join our Land Force and let the artillery roar!
Soldiers participate in the “Leap - 2014” military drills. Perhaps one day you could drive a tank across a battlefield.
Chen Yuyan, a soldier from China’s first female missile company, shows cuts on her hands from maintenance work with smile on her face. Like Chen, the military helps turn girls into tough soldiers.
A group of young soldiers walk through a field of flowers, talking and laughing with each other. Jealous? Join them!
Soldiers sweat in the sweltering summer sun.
A group of soldiers march through one of the many autumn sandstorms that hit desert camps.
Soldiers take a “snow bath” as part of their cold weather endurance training.
A soldier takes part in target practice as flares light up the night sky.
Soldiers work in pairs to fire rocket launchers.
Soldiers take part in a battle simulation.
A tank advances, surrounded by dust, like a roaring beast on the battlefield.
Soldiers from the “sharp knife” battalion on the Sichuan-Tibet Line train to drive on a mountain road alongside the cliff. Joining the automotive corps takes serious training and advanced driving skills.
New recruits undergo basic training, where the transformation of real soldiers begins.