New PLA campaign targets new recruits: Navy

Source: Published: 2015/6/28 11:05:14

Highlights: As part of their latest online recruitment campaign, China’s PLA posted a number of photo series showing life in different branches of the armed forces, the fourth of which comes courtesy of the Navy.

  • Submarine soldiers of the North Sea Fleet take an oath in front of the flag of the Communist Party of China.

  • A fleet travels in open waters.

  • A jet fighter takes off.

  • A submarine surfaces.

  • East Sea Fleet sailors serving on the Gutian Missile Boat learn about the Gutian Conference, which in 1929 solidified the Party’s absolute leadership of the military.

  • An East Sea Fleet destroyer division visits the “exhibition hall of the fighting spirit.”

  • Sailors enjoy the educational facilities of the East Sea Fleet destroyer division.

  • New battle ships are equipped with fitness machines to keep sailors in top shape.

  • Sailors participate in an educational activity on the frigate Weifang of the North Sea Fleet.

  • Newly graduated cadets visit the Museum of Chinese Naval History.

  • Soldiers from the Xisha Coastal Defense Region participate in combat training.

  • An East Sea Fleet destroyer division trains in complicated open-sea conditions.

  • A group of frigate sailors train to load artillery.

  • A brigade of marines train to be elite amphibious troops.

  • The navy is seeing a growing number of female sailors. Zhou Xuan (left) performs radio operation duties on a battle ship.

  • An East Sea Fleet soldier participates in field operations training.

  • A diver from the North Sea Fleet rescue team trains in deep sea diving.

  • A Chinese navy officer (second from right) poses for a photo with US marines.

  • A J-15 fighter jet takes off from aircraft carrier Liaoning.

  • A soldier performs equipment maintenance between training.

  • Submarine division sailors participate in an emergency drill at dusk.

  • The setting sun marks the end of the day over a docked naval vessel.

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