Dogs in uniform: China’s combat canines

Source: - Published: 2015/7/7 14:07:05

Highlights: Loyally serving alongside China’s soldiers, the PLA’s combat canines are trained to carry out special - and often dangerous - missions on the battlefield. Through their toil, they also form tight bonds and lasting friendships with their humans. Photos:

  • Ready for chow already?

  • All of the coolest dogs rappel from helicopters.

  • Hot dog, this is a bit scary, but I’ll make it!

  • Special delivery - an explosive for the enemy’s bunker!

  • I’ll help you wash up...

  • ...if you wash me!

  • Rule number one: good friends drink together.

  • Jumping rope with my handler is part of our training. I love it!

  • There’s no secrets between my handler and I.

  • Looking good! (and our handlers aren’t so bad, either.)

  • I wanted to prevent my trainer from leaving, so I picked up his 20-kilogram bag and didn’t let go!

  • This year I’m being honorably discharged. I hate goodbyes, especially when I have to leave such caring comrades.

  • Let me hug you for the last time, my dear comrade!

  • Jut getting a last look at my comrades so I can always remember this great part of my life!

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