It's the teats! Fresh-squeezed goat milk a hit on Xi'an streets

Source: CFP Published: 2015/7/12 18:29:03

Highlights: A young couple took their teats to the streets of downtown Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, selling milk squeezed fresh to order from four goats, according to China News Service. Though the clever curbside service on July 8 drew both crowds and cash, experts voiced concerns over food safety issues. Sun Chengzhi, Director of nutrition at Dalian Health Check Center, told Peninsula Morning Post that the vendors should have been approved by health authorities and maintain proper hygiene while milking. Sun Lidan, the director of respiratory medicine at Dalian Friendship Hospital, warned of the dangers of spreading Brucellosis, an bacteria that transmits from animals to people, often through unpasteurized milk, that causes high fever and convulsions.

  • Local residents gather to purchase a bottle of the freshly squeezed goat milk. Photo: CFP

  • “The milk sold out really fast. There were a lot of return customers. But we didn’t have enough today. Some people drove from far away, but sold out is sold out, they’ll have to come another day,” the young couple said. Photo: CFP

  • A 500ml bottle of fresh goat milk cost 10 yuan ($1.7). Photo: CFP

  • A customer waits as the couple squeeze milk from the tethered goats. Photo: CFP

  • Goats take a rest between milkings. Photo: CFP

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