'Model fisherman' reel in tourist yuan in Guilin

Source: CFP-Globaltimes.cn Published: 2015/7/23 10:34:04

  • Huang Quande (right), 86, and his 76-year-old brother Huang Yuechuang, stand on their fishing boats on the Lijiang River Scenic Zone in Xinping, Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on July 14, 2015. Though fisherman by trade, in recent years the Huang brothers have been hauling in yuan from tourists. For the right price, the pair offer photographers visiting the UNESCO world heritage site a rare glimpse of China’s past; their bamboo hats, boats and white beards epitomize the idyllic image of fisherman as portrayed in traditional Chinese artwork. Yuechuang officially traded in his fishing nets in 2003 to pose for tourists and photographers full-time. Quande followed in 2008. Photo: CFP

  • The Huang brothers wait for photographers with their trained cormorants on July 14, 2015. The species of water birds, used for centuries in China to help their masters hunt fish, make great additions to tourists’ photos. The brothers accept tens to hundreds of yuan for a photo session, depending on the offer. Photo: CFP

  • The Huang brothers pose for photos with their lanterns at sunset on July 14. The summer twilight is a perfect time for photo shoots. The silhouettes of the two brothers, donning their traditional hats and raincoats, accentuate the breathtaking landscape. Photo: CFP

  • Photo: CFP

  • Quande (left) talks on the phone in his yard with his brother on July 14. The Huang brothers live next door to each other by the river. They often get phone calls from tour guides and photographers requesting photo shoot. Photo: CFP

  • The Huang brothers prepare to launch their bamboo boats. Photo: CFP

  • Photographers shoot the Huang brothers on the river. The brothers have posed for photographers from all over the world, some of which have won awards for their pictures. Photo: CFP

  • Photo: CFP

  • Huang Quande has lunch at home with his wife on July 14. Summer is peak tourist season on the Lijiang River. The Huang brothers are very busy these days, and sometimes have no time for lunch. Photo: CFP

  • The Huang brothers sit and chat during a free moment. Photo: CFP

  • The Huang brothers learn English from a tourist on July 14. They pick up languages from tourists and family members to better communicate with foreign tourists and photographers. Photo: CFP

  • The Huang brothers train their cormorants at home. Photo: CFP

  • Quande learns to smoke a pipe in his home. Though both brothers are non-smokers, they started learning to puff tobacco on request of a photographer who gave them three pipes as props for a photo shoot. Both admit they’re still getting used to it, and sometimes practice at home. Photo: CFP

  • Yuechuang repairs his fishing net on July 14. He gets holes in them casting them out during photo shoots. Photo: CFP

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