Companies seek to hire PLA Honor Guard vets at job fair
By Li Hao, Published: 2015-09-17 21:40:19
Female soldiers march to the job fair at the camp of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Honor Guard on September 17.
Editor's Note:
A job fair was held for 13 female veterans of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Honor Guard in Beijing on September 17. More than ten enterprises participated in the job fair. They signed long-term agreements with the Honor Guard, promising to provide easy access to jobs and training. The 13 soldiers participated in the military parade on September 3 and also in overseas military parades. Photos: Li Hao/GT

A soldier tunes a Ukulele before performing for employers.
The soldiers prepare for interviews.
Female soldiers walk in a line to the hall where the job fair was held.
Soldiers introduce themselves one by one.
Photo: Li Hao/GT
An employer communicates with the female soldiers.
Photo: Li Hao/GT
Photo: Li Hao/GT
Photo: Li Hao/GT
A female soldier holds her companion’s hand to calm her nerves .
A soldier holds up her résumé.
Three female soldiers read through a company introduction.