Muslims in Xinjiang celebrate Corban Festival
By Cui Meng, Published: 2015-09-24 20:18:59
A Uyghur man takes a sheep home to celebrate Corban Festival on September 24 in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The animal cost him 1,000 yuan ($156.7).
Editor's Note:
On September 24, 2015, Muslims in Xinjiang celebrated the annual Corban Festival. Also known as Eid al-Adha and the Sacrifice Festival, it is an important traditional Islamic festival during which Muslims hold religious rites, slaughter livestock, and visit relatives and friends. Photos: Cui Meng/GT

The carcass of an animal is dressed during the festival in Urumqi.
A vendor takes out a sheep for his customer.
The customer pays for his sheep.
Three children play near a temporary sheepfold in Urumqi.
A girl chooses a sheep in Urumqi.
A vendor drags a sheep out to its customer.
A vendor prepares mutton for his customer.
Several Urumqi residents fix a sheep they just bought onto a flat-bed cart.
A black-head sheep waiting to be slaughtered attracts the attention of a passerby on September 24.
Two Urumqi residents take a sheep home.
Children play in a temporary sheepfold.