Peering into North Korea from China’s border
By, Published: 2016-03-17 19:35:43
Farmers in Sinuiju, North Korea, prepare sacks of grain to be shipped by barge on the Yalu River as armed soldiers stand guard. According to a tour guide from Dandong, Northeast China’s Liaoning Province, the grain is stockpiled in case of war. Photo: Li Hao/GT
Editor's Note:
The Global Times provides a rare look at North Korea from China’s borders following the latest UN sanctions against the country. The UN Security Council unanimously agreed on March 2 to impose greater sanctions on North Korea in response to the country's repeated nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

Photo: Li Hao/GT
Photo: Li Hao/GT
Photo: Li Hao/GT
Villagers return home by tractor after loading the grain. Photo: Li Hao/GT
A female North Korean soldier stands guard on a dam in Sinuiju. Photo: Li Hao/GT
A North Korean farmer works from his ox-pulled cart. Photo: Li Hao/GT
Photo: Li Hao/GT
Chinese tourists use binoculars to view North Korea from a boat on the Yalu River, the border between the two nations. More than 60 tourists crowded the boat, some of which said the mysterious country reminded them of “China in the 1960s.” Photo: Li Hao/GT
A vendor in Dandong sells souvenirs from North Korea. Photo: Li Hao/GT
Tourists in Dandong peer across the Yalu River at North Korea. Photo: Li Hao/GT
Tourists visit the Yalu River Broken Bridge, which was built in 1909 but partially destroyed during the Korean War (1950-53). Photo: Li Hao/GT
A cargo ship on the Yalu River Photo: Li Hao/GT
Photo: Li Hao/GT