WWII photos: Chinese Expeditionary Force in Myanmar

Source: Globaltimes.cn Published: 2016/6/2 11:03:02

Highlights: The Chinese Expeditionary Force entered Myanmar to fight the Japanese and protect the Yunnan-Burma Road after China and Britain established their military alliance. Their victory marked the first time Chinese troops had fought across their borders as alliance members since the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95. These rare photos capture their heroic fight for peace.

Photos: US National Archives and Records Administration, courtesy of Yuezhong Museum of Historical Images.

Yuezhong Museum of Historical Images contributed to the captions.

  • Soldiers engage in a tank evacuation drill at the Chinese American Training Center in Ramgarh, India, in November 1943.

  • Soldiers practice disassembling rifles in November 1943.

  • A native Lisu woman works on the Yunnan-Burma Road with Chinese laborers and American engineers on the China-Myanmar border in 1944.

  • Chinese labors work to build the Yunnan-Burma Road in 1944.

  • Chinese infantry soldiers train with a bois anti-tank rifle as part of a weapons course in Datun, China’s Yunnan Province, in May 1944.

  • A Chinese infantry solider of the 113th Regiment of the 38th Division, First Army in Myanmar lights cigarettes for two soldiers of the 116th Division of the 53rd Army from China after the two armies met at Muse, Myanmar, in January 1945.

  • Chinese soldiers assemble at the completion of a training course before departing for combat duty at Chinese American Training Center in Feb 1944.

  • A US soldier instructs Chinese soldiers at Chinese American Training Center on how to sight an 81mm mortar cannon in November 1943.

  • An American instructor demonstrates how to operate a bazooka for the 276th Regiment, 13th Chinese Army, in Guiyang, China’s Guizhou Province, in April 1945.

  • 16 year-old Pan Chen-te, a young paratrooper, smiles after making his first jump at Kunming, China’s Yunnan Province in June 1945.

  • Chinese soldiers get instruction in pole climbing and installation at the signal school at Chinese American Training Center in June 1944.

  • Pictured (center) is a 12-year-old soldier from Yunnan Province. He had already served in the Chinese 14th Division, 42nd Regiment for 1 year at the time of the photograph.

  • A little Chinese girl returns home carrying her family’s belongings in liberated Tengchong, China’s Yunnan Province, in October 1944, after the five-week battle in which Chinese troops, supported by US advisors and the US army, wiped out nearly all Japanese troops garrisons stationed there.

  • Chinese officers of the 90th Regiment, 30th Division, practice firing 30 caliber heavy machine guns at the Chinese American Training Center in Ramgarh, India, in November 1943.

  • Chinese troops of the 3rd battalion, 42nd Regiment, 14th Division, sit inside a C-47 in Myitkyina, Myanmar, in May 1944. They were being shipped out to fight the Japanese.

  • Soldiers of the 7th Battalion fire on Japanese soldiers with a 105 Howitzer in Myitkyina, Myanmar, in May 1944.

  • A Chinese solider takes cover in a tomb to make a call in March 1944.

  • Chinese soldiers practice throwing hand grenades at Chinese infantry school in Ramgarh, India in December 1943.

  • Chinese medical units demonstrate how to carry the wounded with stretchers in Ramgarh, India in December 1943.

  • An American instructor discusses battle strategy with Chinese soldiers while reviewing a giant map during a class in Ramgarh, India, in 1943.

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