Year of the Rat Traditional Chinese Lantern Festival kicks off in Yuyuan, Shanghai
By Global Times, Published: 2020-01-16 22:22:43
A foreign visitor takes a photo of a rat-shaped lantern. (Photo: Yanghui/ GT)
Editor's Note:
As a national-level intangible cultural heritage project, the Traditional Chinese Lantern Festival has been held successfully in Yuyuan 25 times and is a popular folk-custom activity during Spring Festival. This will be the year of the Rat, so the main character of the lantern festival is the ‘rat’. As well as a ‘smart rat,’ and a ‘wealthy rat’ in Yuyuan, Mickey Mouse also shows up in this year’s festival. The lantern festival will last until February 11.

The rat is the main character of this year’s lantern festival. (Photo: Yanghui/ GT)
Street lights are shaped into Mickey Mouse figures. (Photo: Yanghui/ GT)
People visit Yuyuan lantern festival on a rainy day. (Photo: Yanghui/ GT)
A golden Mickey Mouse is found in Yuyuan. (Photo: Yanghui/GT)
A Mickey Mouse-theme lantern exhibition (Photo: Yanghui/ GT)
Children have a photo taken in front of a colorful rat lantern. (Photo: Yanghui/ GT)
A fabulous dragon-shape lantern was set up on the water in Yuyuan. (Photo: Yanghui/ GT)
People visit the lantern festival on a rainy day. (Photo: Yanghui/ GT)
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