A jet plane on the roof? Bizarre water tanks in India’s Punjab

Source: CFP Published: 2016/9/21 17:44:35

Highlights: Local residents of India’s Punjab seek to stand out from their fellow citizens by adorning their homes with elaborate water tanks. If you catch a glimpse of a giant stone eagle ruffling its feathers or a jumbo jet parked on a rooftop, don’t be alarmed – they are merely the storage containers Punjabis use to hold their household water. Photos: Ajay Verma / Barcroft India / CFP

  • Local airplane enthusiast Santokh Singh Uppal installed an aircraft water tank on his rooftop in Punjab, India.

  • A man sits with a “flower power” water tank on a rooftop in Punjab, India.

  • A man stands in front of a tank-shaped water tank on a rooftop in Punjab, India.

  • A truck-shaped water tank seen in Punjab, India.

  • A tractor-shaped water tank seen in the village of Jandiala in Punjab, India.

  • A craftsman shapes an eagle-shaped water tank in Punjab, India.

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