Passionate voters show support for their candidates ahead of US election

Source: Published: 2016/11/8 16:06:18

Highlights: With the US election finally upon us, the two main presidential candidates are fighting for every last vote on November 8. Voters rallied together in support of the former secretary of state and the New York billionaire, showing off all their passion and creativity. Check out the following photos revealing all the colorful chaos of the election campaign seen over the past months. Photos: CFP

  • Katie Hartman, a correspondent for Seriously.TV, poses in a clown costume outside Hofstra University, where the first presidential debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was held in New York, on September 26.

  • A woman wearing a Hillary Clinton mask carries a Donald Trump doll at a Halloween parade in Long Beach, California on October 30.

  • A panhandler, wearing a Donald Trump mask, sits in New York’s Time Square holding a sign that reads “Give me $1 or I’m voting Trump”, on October 18.

  • Wendell Craig (left) and his wife wear Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks at a Trump rally in Naples, Florida on October 23.

  • Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton cross the Brooklyn Bridge during a march in New York on October 22.

  • A woman participates in a protest against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in front of Trump Tower in New York on October 19.

  • Two artists dressed as Donald Trump kiss in front of Trump Tower in New York, in an expression of their opposition to Trump’s run for the US presidency on October 12.

  • Wes Nakagiri, an attendee of the Republican National Convention, wears a Hillary Clinton mask with his hands in handcuffs as he walks into the convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 21. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump earned enough votes to secure the party’s nomination at the convention.

  • A protester is dragged away by police as Republican candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Buffalo, New York on April 19.

  • A protestor (right, in blue) disrupts a rally of supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in New Mexico on May 24.

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