After printing its last issue, Hong Kong's media outlet Apple Daily stopped publication on Thursday.
By Liu Rui | 2021/6/24 22:58:23
  • Not good enough

    The White House announced Tuesday that the US will not meet President Joe Biden's goal of having 70 percent of adults 18 and older receive at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine by July 4, the US Independence Day.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/6/24 0:43:39
  • Hurting himself

    Xinjiang polysilicon ban will hurt the US itself

    By Global Times | 2021/6/22 22:53:40
  • Inconsistent US

    Shortly after Biden-Putin summit, US said it is preparing "another package of sanctions" in the case of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/6/21 22:33:39
  • Human rights?!

    Human rights?!

    By Liu Rui | 2021/6/20 22:32:42
  • Doses with motives

    The 2.5 million doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine took off from the US on their way to the island of Taiwan on Saturday.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/6/20 20:38:39
  • No improvement

    Even US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin exchanged "gifts" to each other, it has not changed the fact that relations between the US and Russia are at nadir.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/6/17 23:53:39
  • Revealing clues

    A research study run by the US National Institutes of Health has turned up evidence of possible coronavirus infections in the US as early as December 2019.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/6/16 21:18:39
  • Awarding lies

    BuzzFeed News was awarded a Pulitzer Prize, the highest honors in US journalism, for a series of stories that smear on China's policies in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/6/15 21:28:39
  • Mr Yankee outraged at China's nuclear warheads

    Mr Yankee became outraged upon hearing about the number of China's nuclear warheads

    By Xu Zihe | 2021/6/15 21:04:06
  • Divided priorities

    G7 countries have different views toward confronting China

    By Global Times | 2021/6/14 22:58:39
  • Focused on China

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken testifies before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on Review of the FY 2022 State Department Budget Request in Washington on June 8, 2021.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/6/10 22:03:39
  • Targeting China

    G7 nations must overhaul global trade rules to stop powerful countries using economic coercion, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Wednesday ahead of a meeting of the group's leaders in Britain. French media said Morrison's remarks were aimed at China.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/6/9 19:52:32
  • Politicizing Olympics

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Monday the US was consulting with allies and other countries on a “shared approach” to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing

    By Liu Rui | 2021/6/8 19:23:40
  • Pushing US interests

    US President Joe Biden has issued a statement pledging to affirm his “special relationship” with Europe at this week's G7 summit.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/6/7 22:18:39
  • Big promises, small reward

    Three US senators made a flying visit to the island of Taiwan Sunday morning.During their short stay, the three senators said some encouraging words to the Taiwan authorities and announced that the US would send the island 750,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from its first batch of 25 million donated doses.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/6/6 19:58:40
  • Envious suburban lifestyle of urban angst

    There is nothing wrong with a craving for a peaceful countryside life where people put simplicity above stress. But young Chinese should also learn to cope with the stress instead of escaping from it.

    By Global Times | 2021/6/4 16:58:40
  • Social media pariah

    Donald Trump has shut down his blog

    By Global Times | 2021/6/3 21:53:39
  • 'Big Brother' friend

    US spying leaders of European countries

    By Global Times | 2021/6/2 22:08:39
  • Racing ahead

    The US already behind in 5G

    By Global Times | 2021/6/1 19:38:40
  • Big brother is watching you!

    The US has used Denmark's secret service to spy on leaders of many European countries

    By Global Times | 2021/6/1 0:18:39
  • Failure to intercept

    The US Missile Defense Agency, reports that an intercept was not achieved during a test of the Navy's ability to track and engage two missiles.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/5/30 20:28:39
  • Stupid solutions to gaokao

    Gaokao is not only an exam for students, but also for parents. Parents should not add extra pressure to their children by being superstitious and desperately turning to any weird solution they can find.

    By Global Times | 2021/5/28 19:08:39
  • Beautifying hazard

    Japan has spent a lot of money to Beautify Fukushima nuclear accident

    By Global Times | 2021/5/27 22:33:40
  • Shameful closure

    Australia is to close its embassy building in Kabu

    By Global Times | 2021/5/26 21:48:39
  • False hope

    US won't sincerely help the island of Taiwan in terms of distributing vaccines

    By Global Times | 2021/5/26 20:53:39
  • Insurmountable obstacle?

    The latest troubling sign for the Summer Games came Monday when the State Department advised US citizens against traveling to Japan because of a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases.

    By Global Times | 2021/5/25 21:28:39
  • Obstructing progress

    Biden's "price cut" for the infrastructure plan remains mired in congressional resistance

    By Global Times | 2021/5/24 22:13:40
  • To escalate or to deescalate?

    Blinken to visit Israel, West Bank on May 26-27, source says

    By Global Times | 2021/5/23 22:48:40
  • More care needed for senior net surfers

    More and more seniors are surfing the internet – especially through smartphones.

    By Global Times | 2021/5/21 16:47:11
  • Vaccine politicization

    Washington has politicized COVID-19 vaccines.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/5/21 0:03:40
  • Ripping off Australia

    US exports to China grow at 'expense' of Australia after Beijing's trade ban.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/5/19 22:03:39
  • Disrupting peace

    Israel-Palestine peace process is facing challenges since US approved $735 million arms sale to Israel.

    By Global Times | 2021/5/18 21:28:40
  • Bloody legacy

    The US withdrawal from Afghanistan leaves many challenges for Afghanistan's peace process.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/5/17 23:58:20
  • Money can't heal

    The city of Columbus, Ohio, has agreed to pay $10 million to the family of Andre Hill, a 47-year-old black man who was shot and killed by a Columbus police officer in December.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/5/16 21:53:29
  • Society needs to deliver help to delivery workers

    Last year, the Chinese government announced its support for flexible employment in the job market. However, more work needs to be done to guarantee the future of these “flexible employees.”

    By Xia Qing | 2021/5/14 21:13:39
  • Unfair criticism

    Some US politicians have again passed the buck to Dr Anthony Fauci.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/5/13 22:03:40
  • Undercounted deaths

    Fauci said there's "no doubt" that the US has undercounted its deaths from COVID-19.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/5/12 21:53:40
  • Protecting the highest peak

    China will use an "isolation strip" atop Mount Qomolangma to cordon off the north slope of the world's highest mountain, a move to prevent the spread of the coronavirus via climbers ascending from Nepal's side of the mountain, as the latter is being hit by a worsening COVID-19 outbreak.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/5/10 23:28:40
  • Rocketing hypocrisy

    Both China and the US have seen debris fall from the atmosphere, but the US media have given a very different picture on China's. When reporting the event, American rocket debris is described as a brilliant meteor while Chinese rocket debris is "falling out of control."

    By Chen Xia | 2021/5/9 20:28:39
  • Cultural ice cream bars hit sweet spots

    Cultural relic-shaped ice cream bars match these features, which explains their popularity.

    By Global Times | 2021/5/7 16:08:39
  • Sinking ship

    US efforts to rally allies against China are doomed to fail.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/5/6 21:53:39
  • GOP patent blockers

    A group of 12 Republican lawmakers called on the Biden administration not to support a request by 60 countries, including India and countries in South Africa, to lift a WTO ban on COVID-19 vaccine patents.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/5/5 22:08:39
  • Keeping China policy

    The Biden administration has inherited Trump's China policy.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/29 21:33:40
  • Weak promise

    Will Quad help India's epidemic fight?

    By Global Times | 2021/4/28 21:53:39
  • Uncle Sam's generosity

    The US is sending India vaccines that Washington is afraid to use

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/27 22:27:41
  • Risking exposure

    Epidemic or vote?

    By Global Times | 2021/4/26 22:13:39
  • False friendship

    India's call for Washington to ease curbs on the export of vaccine raw materials was rejected.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/25 22:38:40
  • Protecting our precious senior 'silver'

    It is time for authorities to supervise this silver economy and make sure that the elderly are not taken for a ride.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/24 20:03:40
  • Doubtful outcome

    US opens global summit on climate

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/22 21:11:50
  • Rushed response

    Tesla vs. consumer complaints

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/21 22:08:40
  • A friend in need?

    The Biden administration had told India that its request for a lifting of the ban on the export of vaccine raw materials that threatens to slow India's inoculation drive was being considered and would be acted upon "at the earliest."

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/20 21:10:14
  • Back to normal

    As many Americans have been saying that they want to get back to normal. They are getting their wish, at least dubiously.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/19 21:30:09
  • Blind to Fukushima

    Some netizens have mocked Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg for her silence on Japan dumping Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/18 22:28:39
  • Scanning codes for food needs new order

    It has become quite common for restaurants in China to use scanning codes instead of human services for taking orders.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/16 16:13:39
  • Long overdue

    US President Joe Biden said that he plans to withdraw remaining US troops from the "forever war" in Afghanistan before September 11.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/15 21:28:29
  • Blame game

    The 2021 threat assessment report from the US intelligence agencies has described China as the biggest threat to the US.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/14 21:13:40
  • Partner in crime

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweeted, "We thank Japan for its transparent efforts in its decision to dispose of the treated water."

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/13 22:33:28
  • Vaccine export dilemma

    India has halted exports of Remdesivir amid rising Covid-19 cases.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/12 21:43:00
  • Nuclear waste disaster

    The Japanese government is poised to release treated radioactive water accumulated at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea despite oppositions.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/11 21:06:18
  • Don't swallow vlogger ploys of over-drinking

    Being noticed and profits go hand in hand – but it's dangerous.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/9 21:58:39
  • Copying China

    With a "democratic Belt and Road Initiative," an infrastructure construction plan, and so on, is Uncle Sam taking lessons from China? Or is the US just an imitator?

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/8 20:35:02
  • Neglecting itself

    The US has become unable to do its own business well. How has it come to this place?

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/7 21:33:40
  • Final bow

    LG has official quit making phones.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/6 20:58:40
  • Unsafe-book

    Details from more than 500 million Facebook users have been found available on a website for hackers.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/5 20:02:19
  • Misplaced focus

    US President Joe Biden unveiled a roughly $2 trillion American Jobs Plan focused on infrastructure and the climate crisis in a speech in Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/4/1 19:58:40
  • Origins tracing under political pressure

    GTCartoon- Science VS Politics

    By Xu Zihe | 2021/3/31 23:19:30
  • Thankless spot

    Japan faces pressure to join China sanctions ahead of US trip

    By Chen Xia | 2021/3/30 22:13:40
  • Unfair persecution

    US utilizes BCI to smear Xinjiang cotton.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/29 22:13:39
  • Mr Yankee outraged at China's poverty alleviation in Xinjiang

    #GTCartoon MrYankee has his say: the right to live in "eternal poverty" should be protected.

    By Xu Zihe | 2021/3/29 17:44:13
  • Painted with hypocrisy

    The West fallacy on Xinjiang cotton.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/3/28 22:18:21
  • Net cafes can entertain new ideas

    For internet café owners, the era of waiting for customers to come has passed.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/26 21:03:40
  • 'All for itself' vaccines

    Western countries are banning vaccine exports.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/3/25 22:23:10
  • Human rights hypocrite

    US, so-called human rights defender, is flying its flag at half-staff for mass shootings.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/24 22:43:39
  • Following Trump's playbook

    Biden follows Trump's playbook of China policy.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/23 21:23:40
  • Lonely Olympics

    Overseas fans banned from Tokyo Olympics over COVID-19 fears.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/22 21:31:37
  • Rallying against racism

    Crowds gather around the US for "stop Asian hate" protests.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/21 20:18:40
  • Aiming at Asians

    Aiming at Asians

    By Xu Zihe | 2021/3/20 10:16:54
  • Care beats out original jobs

    People now also care a lot about anything they are closely related to, whether pets or objects. In the future, it is believed there will be more and more new professions that will bring care and warmth to people.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/19 21:03:39
  • Human rights hypocrite

    On March 17, Venezuela, Syria, Belarus and other countries criticized the human rights situation of the US at the 46th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/3/18 21:08:42
  • Innovation leader

    The White Paper on Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights issued by Chinese company Huawei at its headquarters in Shenzhen on Tuesday showed that by the end of 2020, the company had held more than 100,000 valid patents, more than 90 percent of which were invention patents, making Huawei one of the world's largest patent holders through continuous innovation investment.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/3/17 20:16:44
  • Exporting death

    The US remains the largest arms exporter

    By Global Times | 2021/3/17 1:58:39
  • Fighting sexual assault

    Australia March 4 Justice: Thousands march against sexual assault

    By Global Times | 2021/3/15 22:48:39
  • Price of a life

    $27 million settlement with George Floyd's family

    By Global Times | 2021/3/15 0:53:39
  • Pets smile with animal protection policies

    While fighting against animal cruelty, we should also let people know how to keep pets healthily. Starting from educating children to care for animals, following the laws of nature, and marketing to constantly improve the relevant management methods is an important measure to effectively avoid animal abuse.

    By Xia Qing | 2021/3/12 19:06:17
  • A new horizon

    China's top legislature on Thursday adopted the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) for National Economic and Social Development and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/12 0:23:40
  • Dysfunctional group

    Every member of the Quad hopes to dominate the group

    By Global Times | 2021/3/10 22:13:40
  • Global burden

    The US Senate approved a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan on Saturday.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/10 1:43:40
  • Separate interests

    Japan PM Suga may visit Washington in April for summit with Biden

    By Global Times | 2021/3/8 23:57:48
  • Inflamed tensions

    More than 100 people, including children, gathered outside the State Capitol in Boise, Idaho, Saturday to burn face masks to counter a local mandate on face masks during the COVID-19 outbreak, The Hill reported.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/3/7 23:44:31
  • Online cram school problems

    An alternative for parents can be encouraging and guiding their children to take full advantage of every minute in their class at school. They should ponder how to help their children cultivate positive learning habits, which more productive in boosting academic performance than taking online classes from cram schools.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/5 19:13:39
  • Ignoring sanctions

    Russia sneered at the new sanctions from the US and the West, with neither impact nor implications.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/4 21:23:39
  • Anti-China strategy

    The White House announced Tuesday that US Vice President Kamala Harris had a phone call with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. They discussed the challenges posed by China during the call.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/3/3 21:04:26
  • Desperate children

    According to a recent report from Center for American Progress, nearly 11 million children are poor in the US, and 17 percent of American children lack food.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/3/2 21:38:39
  • Eyeing a comeback

    In his first public speech since leaving office, Donald Trump disavowed the creation of a new political party and hinted at running for president in 2024.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/3/1 20:13:40
  • Growing prosperity

    China's per capita GDP is expected to reach 72,447 RMB ($11,182) in 2020, an increase of 2 percent over the previous year, according to the Statistical Communiqué on economic and social development released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China on Sunday. It said that China's economic aggregate exceeded 100 trillion yuan in 2020, and its per capita GDP has exceeded $10,000 for the second year in a row.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/2/28 19:33:39
  • Baby burden should be fixed before baby boom

    To boost the birth rate, it's time to ease the burden on Chinese young's shoulders.

    By Global Times | 2021/2/26 18:13:39
  • Unstable currency

    Bitcoin plunges

    By Global Times | 2021/2/25 22:28:39
  • Closer to Mars

    On February 24, 2021, the first Mars exploration probe from China, Tianwen-1, successfully implemented its third near-fire braking and entered the docking orbit of Mars with a period of two Mars days. The probe will stay in orbit for about three months to begin scientific exploration.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/2/24 21:53:39
  • Top partner

    China back as top India trade partner even as relations sour.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/2/23 22:53:40
  • Grim milestone

    The US death toll of the COVID-19 reaches 500,000 on Sunday.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/2/22 20:53:39
  • Deserved welcome

    US President Joe Biden used his first address before a global audience to declare that “America is back, the transatlantic alliance is back” at Friday's G7 summit and Munich Security Conference. French President Emmanuel Macron made an impassioned defense of Europe's quest for "strategic autonomy," arguing that it could no longer rely too heavily on the US as Washington focuses more on Asia, especially China. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, while applauding Biden's decision to cancel the withdrawal of US troops from Germany, warned that “our interests will not always converge.”

    By Liu Rui | 2021/2/21 20:33:14
  • Show me the 'lucky money,' but don't count on it

    As long as blessings are sent, the “lucky money” will have completed its mission. This is how the harmonious atmosphere of the Spring Festival should be.

    By Global Times | 2021/2/19 19:38:40
  • Space ties

    It is reported Russia is preparing to sign a memorandum of understanding with China to cooperate on a vision for an international lunar research station.

    By Global Times | 2021/2/18 20:43:40
  • BBC - Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    Fake news is like Pinocchio's nose, the more you lie, the longer it grows. Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

    By Liu Rui | 2021/2/18 20:04:38
  • Frozen out of power

    At least 21 people were killed and more than 5.5 million homes had no power as of Tuesday as winter storms wreaked havoc across several US states, US media reported. Bad weather and power outages have disrupted the shipment and storage of the COVID-19 vaccine as well, and even put some at risk of losing their effectiveness, hitting US efforts to fight the epidemic

    By Chen Xia | 2021/2/17 21:18:39
  • Misguided priorities

    Americans cannot reach a consensus on whether they should wear masks, while China has introduced its first legislation on wearing masks.

    By Global Times | 2021/2/9 22:18:39
  • Russian presence

    Russia's Foreign Ministry has created an account on TikTok social networking service.

    By Global Times | 2021/2/8 21:28:40
  • Superspreading bowl

    Fauci warned that the Super Bowl could become a "mini hyperspread" event

    By Global Times | 2021/2/7 22:48:39
  • Phone powered up, but intellectually powered off?

    Thanks to China's education authorities, teachers and parents are now tending to be more persuaded to supervise school kids from using mobile phones.

    By Global Times | 2021/2/6 18:43:40
  • Ratings slump

    After Donald Trump left office, his arch-rival CNN lost its cash cow as well, with ratings plummeting 44 percent. The numbers of viewers for CNN's prime time (8pm to 10pm) dropped sharply since January 25 to January 29.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/2/4 20:48:40
  • Difficult revolt

    GameStop emerged as the hottest stock on Wall Street and the latest symbol of a widening populist revolt against entrenched elites.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/2/3 20:58:39
  • Vaccine 'war'

    A senior EU official has suggested the UK is trying to start a vaccine war, in a major escalation of the row over the supply of jabs to protect against COVID-19.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/2/2 20:43:40
  • Vaccine doubters

    On January 30, a group of protesters gathered outside Dodger Stadium, one of the largest vaccination sites in the US, to block vaccination efforts. They carried signs with anti-vaccine slogans such as "Novel coronavirus is a hoax," "Don't be a guinea pig," "Take off your mask," and "End the blockade."

    By Liu Rui | 2021/2/1 20:23:39
  • Unfair shares

    At the end of January, a flash mob with money took place on Wall Street. Retail investors ganged up in revenge, while Wall Street's institutional giants, led by hedge funds, fought back. The easy-to-use trading app Robinhood abruptly shut its store down on Thursday to restrict trading, bringing the battle to a climax.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/31 20:13:23
  • Incentivizing staying at home

    Separation with family this festival will usher in a better reunion later on.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/29 23:37:03
  • Rejoining climate battle

    US President Joe Biden has signed a series of executive orders designed to address climate change, including a new ban on some energy drilling.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/28 21:08:39
  • Renewed cooperation?

    US President Joe Biden held his first call Tuesday with his Russian counterpart, according to the White House, confronting Russia President Vladimir Putin over a range of issues with the intention of discussing the New START nuclear treaty, which the Biden administration hopes to extend.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/27 23:08:39
  • Not going away

    Former US president Donald Trump opened the "Office of the Former President" in Palm Beach, Florida, to "carry on the agenda of the Trump administration".

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/26 23:28:40
  • 'Buy American' concerns

    Biden's 'Buy American' plan put other governments on alert, causing concern that their companies would be excluded from the US' huge government-procurement market when Washington is making massive investments to fight the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/25 20:03:39
  • Out with the old, in with the new

    US president Joe Biden talks up transatlantic ties in first call with Boris Johnson. Johnson told the president that his election represented “a moment of hope in a dark time” in a signal he wishes to make a clean break with former president Donald Trump.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/25 1:03:39
  • Mutual help with heart and soul

    Though the epidemic is still affecting people's lives, it has taught the Chinese people to cherish life, and to also understand the spirit of mutual assistance.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/22 21:08:39
  • Tough task

    US President Joe Biden was officially sworn into office on Wednesday in Washington. Compared with confrontational policies, the China-US cooperation is obviously more conducive to realizing Washington's new ambitions.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/1/21 22:18:40
  • White House cleaner

    Leaving a mess behind...

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/20 21:47:29
  • Trump's legacy

    The Trump administration's China policy possesses the greatest threat to future China-US relations. It has ruined the achievements in bilateral relations the two countries had made since the establishment of diplomatic ties over four decades ago.

    By Xia Qing | 2021/1/19 21:03:39
  • 'Yes, this is the only trash.'

    Biden administration starts with low-hanging fruit, shuns hard tasks

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/18 19:13:39
  • Ignoring virus defenses

    No plans to test most of the 25,000 National Guard for COVID-19 before they deploy across Washington, DC.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/1/17 20:33:40
  • Heartfelt eggs warm COVID workers in winter

    Chinese medical workers are selfless and all Chinese people are united as one in this fight.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/15 18:38:40
  • Unwelcome Pompeo

    In the last few days of his tenure, Mike Pompeo has become more active, which has made the world vigilant.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/13 20:33:39
  • Danger ahead

    FBI warns "armed protests" being planned at all 50 US state capitols and in Washington DC.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/12 20:43:40
  • Poor numbers

    The approval rate for the cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga stood at 41.3 percent, down 9 percentage points from the previous survey in December, while the disapproval rate was 42.8 percent, four months after the start of the Suga administration, according to Japanese media.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/1/11 21:43:39
  • Zipped-tight

    Twitter banned the account of US President Donald Trump.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/11 15:16:51
  • Unliked and Unsubscribed

    How could Trump survive without tweeting?

    By Chen Xia | 2021/1/10 22:18:40
  • Crumbling US democracy

    The "internal collapse" of US Democracy

    By Global Times | 2021/1/10 18:46:43
  • Winter warmed by deliverymen

    It is hoped more and more people can treat each other with empathy and provide some help and convenience to the society and others within their capacity – no matter how cold the weather gets.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/8 20:15:58
  • Weakened democracy

    Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, reflecting the US' weakened democracy.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/7 20:28:39
  • Trump's 'Divided States of America'

    Trump's "Divided States of America"

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/7 15:36:56
  • Angering the US

    India's S-400 deal with Russia may trigger US sanctions

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/6 23:38:39
  • Tearing US apart

    US political division is tearing the country apart.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/6 19:18:40
  • Taking too long

    It will take the US 10 years to finish vaccination at current pace

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/5 19:38:40
  • Neglecting the pandemic

    Some Western politicians are neglecting the pandemic.

    By Liu Rui | 2021/1/4 22:18:40
  • Race for normality

    Will vaccines save the world in 2021?

    By Global Times | 2021/1/3 19:53:40
  • Caught in COVID-19 trap

    The US is caught in a COVID-19 trap.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/30 22:18:39
  • Injection of hope

    COVID-19 vaccine provides an injection of hope in 2021.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/30 19:42:45
  • Japan seals off

    Japan halts the entry of foreign nationals.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/29 22:43:40
  • Hole in 19 million

    Confirmed COVID-19 cases reached 19.1 million in the US on Sunday and Trump was playing golf on the same day.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/28 20:13:39
  • Half of China overweight, needs slimming

    Obesity may lead to sub-health and severe heart disease. Therefore, people, particularly children, should be encouraged to partake in well-balanced diets, and exercise regularly. They should participate in healthy activities and be weened off their mobile phones and not buried in textbooks, or notebooks.

    By Global Times | 2020/12/25 19:18:39
  • Merry isolated Christmas

    Merry isolated Christmas in 2020.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/24 20:43:39
  • Break their word

    Some US political elites are breaking their own words.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/22 22:43:40
  • A larger threat

    The UK is now facing a larger threat of the COVID-19 epidemic.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/21 21:58:40
  • Tiers before Christmas

    London begins emergency lockdown

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/20 20:33:40
  • Young people drown in debt

    Internet loans can create nightmares if one overdraws the “money from tomorrow” to fill one's bottomless temptations.

    By Global Times | 2020/12/18 18:13:39
  • A giant leap

    The Chang'e-5 capsule carrying rocks and soil from the Moon landed safely on Earth.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/17 21:13:39
  • The COVID-19 Santa

    Santa tests positive for coronavirus

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/16 20:28:40
  • Bruising win

    The Electoral College on Monday decisively confirmed Joe Biden as the next president.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/15 20:48:40
  • Confusing plan

    US states started getting COVID-19 vaccine, but distrubition is messy.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/14 20:08:41
  • Trading places

    Other countries are ready to fill the void in the world's largest market.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/13 21:23:40
  • Homework only for kids, not parents

    It's always good to have parental involvement in homework, but their focus should be on how to help kids do better with their homework.

    By Chen Xia | 2020/12/11 19:48:40
  • Human rights of the narrow-minded

    "We are human rights caretakers, but only for others." – the US

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/10 22:51:56
  • One last trick

    Will the Biden administration get rid of the trap created by Trump?

    By Chen Xia | 2020/12/10 20:23:40
  • Time's up for US misery

    Time magazine regards 2020 “the worst year ever.”

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/10 11:08:40
  • Keeping it within

    Trump to sign an executive order aimed at prioritizing COVID-19 vaccine shipment to Americans

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/9 19:53:40
  • Christmas virus warning

    Fauci warned Christmas is 'greater challenge' than Thanksgiving

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/8 20:58:40
  • Cutting the vaccine line

    The US is poised for vaccine.

    By Global Times | 2020/12/7 21:03:40
  • Wrecked ethics

    The US' so-called humanitarianism is hit by the COVID-19.

    By Global Times | 2020/12/6 22:08:41
  • Should kids be allowed to livestream?

    While many agree that bad livescreaming content needs to be banned, the question will be how to go forward – without acting too childish ourselves in the process.

    By Global Times | 2020/12/4 19:18:40
  • Milestone landing

    Chang'e-5 marks a milestone in space exploration.

    By Global Times | 2020/12/3 22:13:40
  • False appearances

    A perfect picture of hypocrisy

    By Global Times | 2020/12/2 22:47:18
  • Reap what you sow


    By Global Times | 2020/12/2 22:04:36
  • No win situation

    Australia's call to boycott Chinese goods will be a no win situation.

    By Global Times | 2020/12/2 21:53:40
  • The obvious choice

    "Pandemic" is the 2020 Merriam-Webster Word of the Year

    By Global Times | 2020/12/1 23:08:41
  • No to garbage

    China to end all waste imports on January 1 next year

    By Global Times | 2020/11/30 19:43:40
  • Eyes on future prize

    The US media reported that Trump may start 2024 campaign during Biden's inauguration.

    By Global Times | 2020/11/29 20:13:40
  • Reboot rechargers for smart cars

    It is very important to provide fast, convenient and high-quality travel services for users, in which charging stations form an indispensable part.

    By Global Times | 2020/11/27 20:58:40
  • Indian iPhone tantrum

    India's iPhone tantrum

    By Global Times | 2020/11/26 22:13:40
  • Superspreader holiday

    A superspreader holiday is coming.

    By Global Times | 2020/11/25 21:13:42
  • Transition time

    Biden's transition time has come.

    By Global Times | 2020/11/24 20:58:40
  • World's digital leader

    China acts as the world's digital leader.

    By Global Times | 2020/11/23 21:23:40
  • Hole in the presidency

    A hole in the presidency

    By Global Times | 2020/11/22 19:33:40
  • Rave reviews or blackmail bribes?

    Stores should offer good-quality products, and consumers should give honest reviews that can help others make informed consumer decisions.

    By Global Times | 2020/11/20 16:18:40
  • Poking them in the eye

    'Five Eyes' could be poked blind if China's sovereignty and security harmed, warns Chinese FM spokesperson

    By Global Times | 2020/11/19 19:58:40
  • Sleepless in NY

    COVID-19 epidemic has forced many Americans to leave New York

    By Global Times | 2020/11/18 20:13:41
  • Feeling left out

    The US and some other Western countries feel worried about being marginalized after the signing of RCEP

    By Global Times | 2020/11/17 22:43:41
  • Pathological lie

    Trump claimed he won on Twitter

    By Global Times | 2020/11/16 21:43:40
  • Free trade propelled higher

    The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) was signed on Sunday by the 15 participating countries. The agreement will boost regional and international economic recovery.

    By Global Times | 2020/11/15 21:25:30
  • Live-streaming double jeopardy

    We have to stay sharp in advance of any purchase and spend wisely. This will help avoid disrupting the festive of the shopping – and not lead buyers into double jeopardy where they lose their money and get stuck with junk.

    By Global Times | 2020/11/13 16:38:40
  • Divergent directions

    US division

    By Global Times | 2020/11/12 19:23:40
  • Non-stop cases

    US hit 200,000 daily coronavirus cases

    By Global Times | 2020/11/11 22:08:40
  • Trump's wrath

    Trump says he has fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper

    By Global Times | 2020/11/10 20:38:40
  • Tough to tie

    It's difficult for Biden to bridge US division

    By Global Times | 2020/11/9 19:58:41
  • Unwise words

    White House chief of staff Mark Meadows tests positive for COVID

    By Global Times | 2020/11/9 1:22:15
  • Double the pleasure

    Indeed, we might even ponder: will the Double 11 festival eventually become “traditional” in a few generations' time?

    By Global Times | 2020/11/6 20:18:40
  • Raging epidemic

    The US has registered a one-day new COVID-19 cases with over 100,000 infections. What's next?

    By Global Times | 2020/11/5 21:38:40
  • Dreaming of Canada

    "How to immigrate to Canada" trends on Google. Many Americans are dreaming of Canada. But will that dream come true?

    By Global Times | 2020/11/4 20:54:18
  • The people's voice

    The US election is here! Americans are ready for it with a record number of guns and ammo purchases in US history.

    By Global Times | 2020/11/3 21:28:40
  • Escaping America

    If the American dream was ever real, it isn't now.

    By Global Times | 2020/11/2 20:53:40
  • Pompeo ghosted in SE Asia

    Happy Halloween, Mr Pompeo! How many treats did you get on your trip to Southeast Asia?

    By Global Times | 2020/11/1 19:50:03
  • Polar Bears know the truth

    Polar Bears know the truth

    By Global Times | 2020/10/30 17:26:52
  • Online love in socially estranged day

    How did you come to know your girlfriend or boyfriend? Is online dating a possible answer?

    By Global Times | 2020/10/29 23:38:40
  • Trapped Santa

    Pandemic will affect Christmas

    By Global Times | 2020/10/29 22:28:40
  • Tough year

    India's GDP growth in 2020 is expected to be zero or even negative.

    By Global Times | 2020/10/28 22:53:40