From the US perspective, the aim of its frequent wooing of India is to urge India to coordinate with the US' strategy and serve the national interests of the US, instead of India's national interests.
By Lu Xue | 2021/4/11 21:17:17
  • Free speech debate misses point if Australia continues vilifying China

    When the Australian government is taking the lead in ignoring, condoning or even inciting hatred against Chinese and other Asians, those empty anti-racism slogans and demonstrations will only prove the hypocrisy of Australian politics.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/4/8 20:14:40
  • US cannot replicate 'Eight-Nation Alliance' against China

    Moves such as Quad-plus-France drill are only symbolic, without much influence on regional affairs. China is no longer what it was 120 years ago. No matter how hard the US strengthens its alliance system, it will fail to create a new "Eight-Nation Alliance."

    By Lu Xue | 2021/4/7 20:54:16
  • India's head is swollen by ego to think it has a 'Taiwan card' to play

    India is supposed to be a developing country with enormous potential. Unfortunately, the country has only been hurting itself by putting geopolitical tricks in front of everything else.

    By Ai Jun | 2021/4/6 18:14:43
  • Equality means no country can view itself as superior

    When China said it does not accept any country placing itself as superior to others, it is not speaking for itself, but a growing number of countries.

    By Ai Jun | 2021/4/5 23:54:27
  • Cold War mentality won't restore US' declining soft power

    Will the Cold War come back? Elites and politicians in the strategic domain are getting more serious about this question after US President Joe Biden declared to forge an "alliance of democracies". After the China-US Alaska talks on March 19, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit to the Middle East and his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was described by the New York Times as an attempt to forge an "alliance of autocracies." "The world is increasingly dividing into distinct if not purely ideological camps, with both China and the US hoping to lure supporters," it read.

    By Xu Yelu | 2021/4/4 16:47:40
  • China justified to counterattack Western smears

    China is a country of etiquette and Chinese diplomats abide by diplomatic etiquette. But when China is provoked and its core interests are threatened, China will never give in.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/4/1 21:47:09
  • Washington has no right to treat others as second or third class

    The times have changed, and so has the US.

    By Mu Lu | 2021/3/31 21:22:31
  • Japan stands to surely lose by supporting US' Taiwan stance

    Japan's loss will sharply outweigh its gain if it ties itself on the US' anti-China chariot and sows discord across the Taiwan Straits.

    By Lu Xue | 2021/3/30 22:25:08
  • A battle between democracy and autocracy, but not as Biden describes

    The US is experiencing a major democracy Waterloo.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/29 21:43:20
  • Biden's infrastructure scheme just a fantasy if US fails to back his rhetoric

    While Washington cannot handle its domestic infrastructure construction well, it also engages in quarrels with its European allies over their infrastructure choices. As the US generally prioritizes its own interests in handling various affairs, it will only be a self-comforting fantasy for Washington to realize the so-called democratic BRI.

    By Mu Lu | 2021/3/28 20:44:14
  • China's Coast Guard Law unlocks new chapter of maritime legal enforcement cooperation

    With the development of the global maritime sector and relevant governance, the concept of "maritime community with shared future" has won increasing support worldwide. Building a secure and stable marine environment has become a common aspiration of the international community.

    By Zong Haiyi | 2021/3/27 15:23:47
  • H&M muzzled by harsh Western political correctness

    If the Western society finds it hard to understand Chinese people's strong sentiments, then just imagine how the Western public would react if these companies make anti-Semitic remarks in the Western countries.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/3/25 21:48:16
  • Some EU politicians not ready to treat China with reciprocity, equality

    Sassoli labeled China's countermeasures against the EU's sanctions as “intimidation.” This reflects that some EU politicians are not prepared for true reciprocity, let alone equality.

    By Lu Xue | 2021/3/24 22:29:14
  • Envy may drive New York Times' criticism of China's entry regulation

    China's strict entry restriction policy is responsible to the Chinese people as well as people around the world.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/3/23 22:46:32
  • What can Asian Americans learn from BLM movement?

    Do Asian American lives really matter in the US?

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/22 21:48:52
  • A fair look at risks China faces shows country's confidence

    The tense Alaska meeting is just a prelude to a seemingly much longer period of China-US tensions. Beyond this, there are many external risks to China's rise. A strategic judgment of these risks is in no way a panic and fear of uncertainty.

    By Wang Wen | 2021/3/22 16:23:40
  • Difficult for India to fall for US pressure over China

    If the US fans the flame of border tensions between China and India to intensify military conflicts, it will go against India's national interests and will eventually result in India's alienation from the US.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2021/3/21 20:13:29
  • Elite US groups accomplices of crimes against Asian Americans

    Some Western media outlets and scholars, as well as some anti-China think tanks, also played an ugly role in fanning hate against Asian Americans. They spread rumors and stigmatize China over a broad scope of issues.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/3/18 20:58:40
  • Twitter helps US govt's disinformation war against 'hostile' nations

    When can Twitter take real action against content that viciously slanders Russia and China?

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/3/17 21:12:41
  • US senators' Olympic rhetoric lacks cooperation perspective

    The Olympics are embraced by the world because of its spirit of being faster, higher and stronger. Nowadays, it is one of the few positive factors in the world, and it should not be ruined by some senseless and aimless US politicians.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/17 0:58:39
  • Tolerance for police brutality in Everard vigil shows UK's inner decay

    The police could have worked with the mourners to support a safe COVID-19 vigil. Instead, they disgracefully brought more violence. It's more shameful that there is even tolerance for such police brutality. The UK, once an empire on which the sun never set, is seeing its inner decay.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/3/15 22:42:05
  • Canberra's human rights violations deserve wider international attention

    Canberra must bear its due consequences on the serious violation of human rights. Australia has always regarded itself as a victim of international disputes, but the world will eventually recognize the country's true face as a perpetrator on human rights issues.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/3/14 23:14:55
  • CNN seems to have changed little since truth-twisting Tibet coverage

    China encourages normal exchanges between the Chinese people and Westerners. As long as they abide by China's laws, any Westerner in China need not worry about their security. It is the US that dares not encourage communication between Chinese and its citizens and tries to isolate China by hyping fears toward China. It is the Chinese people that should have security worries in the US.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/11 23:20:14
  • Quad members hype 'China threat' theory to bolster their boldness

    The Quad is not an alliance of like-minded countries as the US claims. The three countries other than the US would probably take a tactic of coordinating with the US in narratives while sticking to their own approaches on China, so as to deal with the embarrassment of being between the pressure from the US and their own interests with China. Before they can assure that they will not be brought into another pit by the US, perhaps they have no other choice but to find relief in bolstering each other's boldness.

    By Mu Lu | 2021/3/10 22:06:16
  • West vilifying China's Xinjiang governance may eventually backfire

    Professor Mestre's opinion that “France and other European countries [haunted by terrorism] could take the answers given by Xinjiang” back in 2019 was not to please China, but an earnest suggestion for the West. Western societies also face the baffling issue of religious extremism and have suffered from bloody terror attacks. In 2020 alone, nine cases of terror attacks occurred on French soil. The Western world, including France, could learn from China's experience. But as the West spares no efforts to crack down on China by exploiting Xinjiang governance, it may eat the bitterness itself at the end.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/3/9 22:43:40
  • West needs to adapt to a more confident China

    China has been on an equal footing with the rest of the world. The West is bound to face a more confident and dignified China in the world in the future. It is hoped that the West could adapt itself to facing a growing China, and won't misjudge or deliberately twist China's development intentions.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/3/8 23:23:40
  • Hard reality that India cannot dodge when making development policy

    Lost in the blind nationalism toward China, India will only make itself more damaged.

    By Mu Lu | 2021/3/7 23:40:54
  • US hegemony lingers even without military intervention

    The US is used to seeking interests through military interventions under the disguise of democracy, whether it drops military intervention or not, the country is only changing ways to realize its own interests. Do not expect the US to abandon its hegemonic habit of interfering in other countries' affairs.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/3/4 21:08:39
  • Whether China hating or not, Western media's influence dwindles here

    Chinese people have already seen through Western media's sets of tricks to stigmatize China. Hence, nobody would use what Western media say as a criterion of judgment over their own mother country. It is direct evidence that the BBC's video news The road back to Wuhan in January was been mocked by Chinese netizens. In fact, the more Western media slander China, the more it proves that China is on the right track of development.

    By Mu Lu | 2021/3/3 16:33:22
  • Western racism against China reflects white supremacy

    Racism is a major and long-lasting feature of many Western countries, especially the US. COVID-19 has also exposed a systematic racial discrimination in the West.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/3/2 21:50:55
  • West's criticism of China's poverty alleviation success far-fetched

    China's victory in poverty alleviation is a miracle not only because of the huge number of people it has helped but also due to the difficulties encountered and huge sacrifices made in the process. But the Western media has declined to speak anything of such humanitarianism but focused on groundlessly accusing China.

    By Mu Lu | 2021/3/1 21:38:40
  • Five Eyes' narrow hegemony caters to biased interests of small circle

    It seems that ASPI narcissistically regards the Five Eyes as the whole world. But does the Five Eyes still have much "dominance" worldwide?

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/2/28 21:13:47
  • US, in relative decline, retakes human rights tool to unite allies

    Human rights are gaining more weight in US diplomacy, and this to some degree reflects the US' decline in strength. The US is in relative decline and the tools at its disposal against China have become more and more limited. The human rights card has been given more attention. It can be used to suppress China, and also unite its Western allies.

    By Yu Jincui | 2021/2/25 23:02:40
  • Pompeo and his like still find fertile soil in US to instigate public

    Millions of Americans are still suffering natural and man-made disasters, while the conservative elites who have neglected the mess are planning to enjoy their big joyful gathering. The group responsible for the biggest crisis in the US this century is still given a platform to instigate people as they wish.

    By Mu Lu | 2021/2/24 21:08:35
  • Support for India's hosting of BRICS summit shows China's strategic wisdom

    China's attitude shows that with the rising uncertainty in the international community, emerging countries need to look to one another for development. BRICS countries are among the largest emerging markets worldwide. Expanding cooperation within the BRICS will not only bring additional development momentum to the five countries, but will also improve their strategic initiative.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/2/23 22:58:23
  • Does fanning nationalism suit New Delhi's interests?

    New Delhi has fueled nationalism to serve its political purpose. However, to improve its ties with China, it has to curb such sentiment among the public. Nationalism poses a challenge to the Modi administration and the repair of bilateral ties.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2021/2/22 21:20:02
  • UK, with severe poverty woes, hard to sustain global influence

    The UK now has Europe's highest death toll with more than 120,000 victims of the pandemic. Its national strength is declining, which triggered anxiety and aimlessness that was ultimately manifested by Brexit.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/2/21 19:58:39
  • BBC ban a sharp measure to defend country from false spin

    Banning BBC World News from airing in China is reasonable and the British media outlet deserves it. It must be pointed out that it's only one of the countermeasures China can take. If the BBC and other Western media outlets continue to go further on their way to discredit China, they will be met with more determined punitive measures from China.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/2/18 15:48:39
  • West should look in the mirror over accusations of arbitrary detentions

    It is obvious that other countries clearly perceived how nonsensical and dangerous the US' request was. However, Ottawa, by blindly following Washington's anti-China campaign, set a new path of geopolitical competition between major powers. The Canadian government has indeed put businesspeople all around the world under the risk of geopolitical games.

    By Mu Lu | 2021/2/17 22:38:29
  • Trump's uncertain political future drives US division

    The US Senate on Saturday voted and acquitted former president Donald Trump, putting an end to his second impeachment trial.

    By Li Haidong | 2021/2/14 15:12:27
  • China shows zero tolerance for fake news by banning BBC World News

    China has sent the outside world a clear signal that it has zero tolerance for fake news Thursday by banning the broadcast of BBC World News in Chinese mainland. The decision comes as no surprise. For quite a while, BBC has been no longer a news organization that upholds objective reporting, but has degraded into a rumor mill with no bottom line. It's fair to say it has become a vanguard in the West in concocting and spreading rumors and lies about China. BBC also views almost everything concerning China with double standards. And now, it is paying the price for what it has done.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/2/12 0:19:33
  • Xi, Biden phone call sign of mutual respect

    Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden held a phone call on Thursday morning Beijing Time. The choice to talk on the eve of the Spring Festival is indicative of the goodwill and respect that Biden shows to Xi and China.

    By Hu Xijin | 2021/2/11 12:26:39
  • US hard-pressed to regain human rights leadership

    If the US rejoins the UNHRC only to maintain US “leadership” and makes the international system serve Washington's interests, then this will only sabotage the world's justice, the way the US withdrawal did.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/2/9 23:58:39
  • Indian politician admits India was true aggressor in border area

    Now Chinese netizens share the same stance – we have proof and reason to counterattack. Even Indian and Western Twitter users have started to ask: So India is the aggressor and China had the right to beat those Indian troops up?

    By Ai Jun | 2021/2/8 21:23:40
  • Extreme double standards over China reflect irreversible decline of the West

    The pandemic is a mirror, revealing the ugliest side of the West. The West's double standards over China-related issues originate from its lack of confidence in the face of China's peaceful rise.

    By Mu Lu | 2021/2/7 22:32:01
  • Revoking Chinese broadcaster CGTN's license lays bare UK's hypocrisy of press freedom

    The UK shows the world again the hypocrisy of its press freedom. Ofcom, the UK media regulator, on Thursday revoked the license of Chinese news network CGTN, saying the network's state-backed ownership structure violates British law.

    By Liu Yan | 2021/2/5 12:56:29
  • Washington's reckless attitude toward nuclear war a threat to world peace

    If any country gravely threatens US hegemony, the possibility cannot be ruled out that the US may use nuclear weapons to remarkably impair its rivals' military capability. The US is the biggest trouble-maker in the world, which has the potential to overturn global peace.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2021/2/4 23:01:12
  • Japan on side of West on Myanmar issues, ignores local benefits

    Japan and the "politically free democratic nations" need to think about the question: Which is more important, peace and stability in Myanmar, or forcibly promoting the democratic system and engaging in a global competition of models and systems?

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/2/3 23:14:12
  • It takes actions, not words or letters, for Australia to repair China ties

    In late January, Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan said that he had written a "detailed letter setting out a strong willingness to engage with China" to his Chinese counterpart. But exactly how? This question remains unanswered.

    By Ai Jun | 2021/2/2 22:08:26
  • Will West give up interventionism amid worsening internal problems?

    Today, the West, which is keen on inciting chaos in other countries, is increasingly engulfed by chaos from within. Solving its predicament needs long term stability and development. While the West often disrupts the development of other countries, it squanders its own resources and capital necessary for its own development.

    By Mu Lu | 2021/2/1 22:23:40
  • Joining Quad will see London following the same folly as US

    London recently has tended to show its increasingly hard-line stances over Beijing.However, Britain no longer has its empire on which the sun never sets. Its might has not been strong enough to achieve its ambitions.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2021/1/31 22:03:40
  • Philippines shouldn't be fooled by US on SCS issue

    The stability of the South China Sea is not in the interests of the US, but it's what the regional countries need for the sake of their own interests. China and the Philippines shouldn't let small frictions affect the overall situation, nor should they give any chance for forces with ulterior motives to make waves in the region.

    By Yu Jincui | 2021/1/28 22:03:07
  • Farmers' protests reflect India's domestic challenges

    The root cause of India's farmer protests is the conflict over land. Modi's original intention was to make farmers benefit more from the market, but as the reform involves large commercial groups, and it has become a struggle of interests between the landlords and conglomerates.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/1/27 23:01:11
  • Indian media push own vaccine campaign while smearing others

    India does not need to stare at China's response toward Indian vaccines, neither should it be so vexatious to seek the approval from China of India's vaccines. Whether a vaccine is safe and efficient, facts speak louder than words.

    By Ai Jun | 2021/1/26 22:16:31
  • Japan could misread US' Diaoyu Islands intentions

    It is obviously an unwise choice for the Japanese government to take US officials' remarks as an infallible guarantee as Washington clearly knows Beijing's attitude about territorial issues. The Article 5 itself is ambiguous.

    By Mu Lu | 2021/1/25 20:13:39
  • West should cut its own meat consumption if it's serious about the climate

    In the eyes of some Western elites, Westerners can have the privilege to eat meat while Chinese should just eat grass. They are reluctant to see Chinese are living an increasingly abundant life, and that the living standards of the Chinese are getting closer to the Westerners.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2021/1/24 23:58:39
  • Sanctions on former cabinet members send powerful deterrent message

    This is not the first time China has sanctioned US politicians. But it is the first time China imposed sanctions on the US side not as a tit-for-tat move.

    By Yu Jincui | 2021/1/21 21:58:39
  • America's disarray is its own woes, not other countries' opportunity

    China's development brings opportunities to other countries. However, some Westerners now believe "America's disarray is China's opportunity." The contrast is obvious. While the US is still obsessed to contain China and mired in stagnation, China is completely focused its own development.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/1/20 22:33:26
  • What made West lose the race of systems during epidemic fight?

    Populism, which helped crown Donald Trump, is being blamed today. Yet it all started from the widening gap between rich and poor.

    By Ai Jun | 2021/1/19 22:08:39
  • Why The Times does not want readers to see true life in China

    Media outlets often represent the mentality of the elites in a country. But it is doubtful how many people in the West can still be brainwashed by their media outlets.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2021/1/18 21:43:40
  • Is the US falling apart? Many Americans think so

    Why has the US come to such a situation? Many Westerners attribute the current US crises to President Donald Trump and his administration. Such a view is too simplistic.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/1/17 19:29:22
  • Chinese vaccines offer developing countries safer, affordable options

    Some Western elites would rather let developing countries continue to be trapped in the epidemic than see them get out of the COVID-19 quagmire with Chinese vaccines. This is what could be summed up as the mentality of colonizers.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/1/14 20:27:33
  • Internal crises, not external threats, can cripple the US

    The US since the Cold War has been the only superpower in the world. No matter how hard it tries to portray alleged foreign enemies, no external forces can cause such a big country to collapse.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/1/13 20:58:39
  • With lowered flag for police, US double standards on democracy backfire

    Perhaps it's time to call on Washington to respect the human rights and freedom of Americans.

    By Ai Jun | 2021/1/12 21:43:39
  • West opts to turn a blind eye to China's vaccine support to Africa

    Some Western countries have failed to not only control the epidemic, but also make any contribution to the world. They have dragged other countries' feet. They have no right to point fingers at China's promises to African countries.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/1/11 22:28:39
  • What would US media say if Capitol riot took place in a rival country?

    Since the incident took place in the US, the riots were not “a beautiful sight to behold,” and it is the protesters, not the police, who received harsh criticism from most US mainstream media outlets and political elites. This is US blatant double standards.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2021/1/10 21:08:39
  • US should be careful of an 'American Spring'

    Sadly, there are more Pompeo-like politicians in the US who are good at playing double standards. If they blindly continue this mentality and tactic, they will only dig graves for themselves. They will have to be careful with this question – will an American Spring one day sweep the US?

    By Ai Jun | 2021/1/7 21:38:40
  • NYT piece 'propaganda for China?' US elites too fragile to face reality

    Western media outlets are too accustomed to using their standards and definitions to judge freedom. Driven by ideological prejudice, they paint China as an authoritarian and repressive country.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/1/6 22:38:39
  • Instead of a beacon, US-styled election shows world chaos, rifts

    The US is like a super carrier which has sailed a long time. However, the components within are so torn and tattered that it can hardly withstand any major test. The problem is: Does the American captain have the will and ability to mend it?

    By Wang Wenwen | 2021/1/5 21:14:19
  • To Karen Pierce, beating China, Russia comes ahead of fighting virus in UK

    It is unknown how long British elites like Pierce will hold on their misguided course. But they will face the reality sooner or later – people do not die of fear, but of contemptuousness, ignorance and narrow-mindedness.

    By Ai Jun | 2021/1/4 21:35:27
  • Transatlantic ties are held back by Washington, not Beijing

    In the transatlantic alliance, Europe is not the equal of the US. In the eyes of analysts, the EU hopes to become a player in geopolitics, rather than a chess piece.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2021/1/3 20:33:39
  • It's a shame for WSJ to attack China on ethnic affairs while US sinks in racial strife

    The year 2020 witnessed the complete dysfunction of US' political and social systems. It is suffering from at least two viruses. The first is the novel coronavirus. And the second is a severe chronic disease in US society – racism.

    By Ai Jun | 2021/1/1 19:03:28
  • 'End of history' obsession links to West's problem with democracy

    The obsession with the “end of history” prevents Westerners from facing up to their system's problems. It is very likely the degradation in the Western system will worsen.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/12/30 21:58:39
  • China is not the reason why the US' 'luck' is running out

    The US role does not match its status as a global superpower which is supposed to act in a responsible and graceful manner. Some believe the US is an empire going downhill. Is it really the case?

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/12/29 22:48:39
  • Allies have right to raise demands to US like Duterte did

    The Philippines has set an example for countries that allow the stationing of US troops worldwide. In a crisis like this, they all have the right to raise demands toward the US.

    By Ai Jun | 2020/12/28 21:33:39
  • Playing the 'Tibet card' reflects Washington's anxiety about China

    Issues related to Tibet concern China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. They are China's internal affairs that allow no foreign interference. The Chinese government is determined to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2020/12/27 22:36:17
  • Lowered life expectancy

    The US is on track to record its deadliest year in history, largely due to the pandemic.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/27 19:38:39
  • Being diplomatically direct and critical not a privilege of the West

    What China hit back at was groundless accusations and smearing. China's diplomatic practice has not become aggressive as the West claims, but is a defense of China's interests in nature.

    By Zhang Yi | 2020/12/24 22:14:38
  • Double standards

    Wealthy people in the UK are fleeing the country in private jets to avoid COVID-19 lockdown.

    By Liu Rui | 2020/12/23 22:13:39
  • US has only empty awards to offer other three QUAD countries

    The US has no real benefits to offer, but when it comes to awards and medals, you name it.

    By Ai Jun | 2020/12/23 21:58:40
  • Mutant coronavirus pushes UK's international prestige to lowest level

    The UK may be seeking fabulous dreams, but has to confront harsh realities. Its national condition can hardly support its imperialistic mentality and ambitions. At this point, the UK should simply quit dancing to US tune, such as sending aircraft carriers and showing off its muscle and influence in other regions. It should take care of itself now.

    By Ai Jun | 2020/12/22 22:08:39
  • Farage misleads with same old trick as UK suffers mutant coronavirus

    The Chinese government and Chinese people have attached utmost importance to epidemic prevention. But until today, Western societies still haven't realized that being indifferent toward the coronavirus is the chief culprit of their mess.

    By Mu Lu | 2020/12/21 21:29:21
  • US fight with China on ideology may be a battle too far

    Beijing cannot change Washington's mind-set and its rhetoric on the so-called China's ideological threat. What China can do is to maintain its strategic determination and resolutely refrain from competing with the US in terms of ideology.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2020/12/20 22:40:43
  • US too early to call it a 'D-Day' in COVID-19 fight

    With the performance of its COVID-19 fight, doesn't the US feel embarrassed to call it a “D-Day”?

    By Li Qingqing | 2020/12/17 20:48:39
  • Anti-China incitement by Western values-based alliance a hopeless case

    Even though China has repeatedly emphasized that China's rise is peaceful, not a threat to any country, the West still worries a rising China will challenge its hegemon and the international norms and rules set by it.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2020/12/16 21:08:40
  • Hard for Biden to change Trumpization and US division

    US political elites are trying their best to prevent their country from continuing on the downward track, be it Biden's election or de-Trumpization measures. But how effective will the measures be? Only time will tell.

    By Mu Lu | 2020/12/15 21:21:06
  • Listing China 'the biggest issue' shows Oz politicians' disorientation

    Now, a bushfire is again haunting the country, burning more than half of the UNESCO world heritage-listed Fraser Island. Australia needs to stop fixing its eyes on China and avoid spreading the fire.

    By Li Qingqing | 2020/12/14 21:17:08
  • West is choking on its own poisoned COVID-19 well water

    The US has shown nothing but colossal failures of its leadership and worse by blocking WHO's efforts in the fight against the global public health crisis. Shouldn't it apologize? Shouldn't those in Western media who mislead apologize?

    By Ai Jun | 2020/12/13 18:58:40
  • Western elites sly and silly to create distorted China narrative

    They see China both weak and dangerous. We see those Westerners as both sly and silly.

    By Ai Jun | 2020/12/10 21:33:41
  • Give burial at sea to South China Sea Arbitration ruling

    In an objective, fair and neutral third-party perspective that employs rigorous juristic analysis, the Critique presents a comprehensive and systematic refutation of many fallacies and flaws in the award made by the Arbitral Tribunal in the Matter of the South China Sea Arbitration (hereinafter referred to as the Tribunal) in terms of legal interpretation and application, evidence admissibility and fact-finding.

    By Wu Shicun | 2020/12/10 13:23:40
  • US partisan struggle pitifully uses scholar's speech as 'smoking gun'

    Fox News' processing of Di's speech is the epitome of the US' increasingly wild opinion war on China.

    By Mu Lu | 2020/12/9 20:38:41
  • Why are Australian media outlets agitated over a GT investigative report?

    Australian media outlets are shaping Australia's international image as a malicious and paranoid country.

    By Li Qingqing | 2020/12/8 14:03:40
  • Is Australia qualified to judge who violates human rights?

    Australia may have tossed out an answer. Since it wants Magnitsky-style legislation, following the step of the US, it proves that Canberra is willing to be obedient to Washington, presenting the power to have final say to the US.

    By Ai Jun | 2020/12/7 21:23:33
  • 'Wolf Warrior' label to suppress China's diplomatic maneuvers

    However, China underlines etiquette and good manners, loves peace and advocates harmony. Beijing has never taken the initiative to provoke other countries, nor is it interested in meddling in others' internal affairs. China will continue to stand for a peaceful settlement of disputes and divergences, rather than resort to tit-for-tat means.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2020/12/6 21:22:43
  • Attempted Western spiritual colonization doomed to end

    The world construct has greatly changed. Whether or not the West will accept it, the belief the West is the center of the world will eventually come to an end.

    By Mu Lu | 2020/12/3 22:03:25
  • Honeyed Western support for Australia a political show

    As China-Australia relations have turned sour, the easiest card to play by Western MPs is to pressure China and fan the opinion flame. The latest show serves only these MPs' purpose of manipulating Western public opinion and exploiting political gains.

    By Wang Wenwen | 2020/12/2 21:48:40
  • Chinese cartoon reflects outrage over Australian war atrocities

    Until today, Australia still believes China is inferior, not qualified to criticize the superior Aussies. Nothing can better portray the mentality when Australia showed much greater anger toward a Chinese cartoon than the crimes of Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.

    By Ai Jun | 2020/12/1 22:15:22
  • Self interests, not US ties, will determine how EU treats China

    Europe will not treat China in an on-off way as it did during most of the time during the Cold War. Some ideological struggles could be strengthened, but there is not likely to be comprehensive hostility.

    By Mu Lu | 2020/11/30 19:52:55
  • India, cajoled by US, seeks to pressure small nations

    The wooing from the US and India has indeed exerted considerable pressure on these countries.

    By Lu Yuanzhi | 2020/11/29 20:53:40
  • Will assassination of Fakhrizadeh open a Pandora's box?

    Now, Fakhrizadeh has been assassinated, and Iran believes Israel is responsible. Has a “Pandora's box” been opened again? Will the world return to the era of using terrorism to realize major national interests? Such regression is despicable and no one will come out as a winner.

    By Hu Xijin | 2020/11/28 15:41:50