Four paths to creat art
Published: Jul 13, 2011 09:02 AM Updated: Jul 13, 2011 09:05 AM
Painting On the Train by artist Wang Yin Photo: Courtesy of Pin Gallery

Four is an unlucky number in Chinese, but the Pin Gallery apparently doesn't worry about superstition. Their new exhibit, Four People, Four Ways brings together artists Fang Lijun, Yang Maoyuan, Wang Yin and Xiao Yu, contrasting the very different styles of the four to create a mélange of images.

The artists are long-term friends and occasional collaborators. It's been six years since their last group exhibition, Clue, at White Space. "They prefer to see this new exhibition as a gathering of friends," said curator Dang Dan.

For the exhibition, the gallery has been split between the artists. Each artist's work is instantly recognizable, even when they've made an effort to veer away from their most well-known works. Fang Lijun, who became famous for portraits of bald, smiling men, has moved on from the folically-challenged to present new paintings such as 2011 Unfinished and Liannian Youyu ("Yearly Harvest"). These new works seem sadder, with numerous images of clouds, water, and animals.  

"I have different inspirations in different periods. The art in this show comes from the huge gap between my dreams and reality. I have to put them on canvas before I go crazy," said Fang.

The other three friends each take their own approach. The paintings Unnamed and Father III by Wang Yin are both snapshots of larger landscapes. Xiao Yu surrounds an empty center with dozens of picture frames covering a painting he did two decades ago. Yang Maoyuan takes a modern approach to the traditional "horse head" pot style, giving his works a colorful and happy look.

The four artists, all born in the 1960s, are 30-year veterans of China's often contentious arts scene. "We hope to not only exhibit their artworks, but show their parallel art careers and various styles. As witnesses to art history, the four showcase the unique charm of art with their exploration and experiments," Dang commented.

Where: Pin Gallery, 798 art zone

When: until September 10th

Contact: 5762-6200

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