World without darkness
Published: Jul 26, 2011 08:06 AM Updated: Jul 26, 2011 08:07 AM

Set over lit: everyday light becomes art. Photo: Wang Sai

Night falls, and neon light covers every corner of the city. The lights are set in boxes, small or big, hung outside stores or malls; about the place's title, an entertain cartoon character, simply the word "hot pot". It's all around us. For artist He An, it's art.
He threw down an LED light box with the name of his favorite Japanese model Miho Yoshioka on it, from the top floor of a building. And he took the box, recreated it and showcased it at Tang Contemporary Art gallery on July 16.

At the space, you will see that he didn't only simply put together these fragments, but also turned on the lights in the box, which shone with the name Miho Yoshioka. Another work, made from 300 light tubes on the space's wall, is also exhibited.

The artist, born in 1971, has worked on the installations and visual artworks for years. Many of his works have been on display in various art centers in China.

This time, he picked the topic of the most popular commercial light box, threw it down and broke it. And he is using his own way to touch and change the neon reality of today.

Also on July 16, the space kicked off a solo exhibition by artist Ji Zhou. He uses dust, the most common material in the world, to cover everything. So Ji's paintings all look dusty and gray, presenting a world without color. Ji also arranged a separated room decorated like a back yard but covered with dust.

Where: Tang Contemporary Art, 798 Art Zone

When: until August 16

Contact: 5978-9610