See, bubble!
Published: Jul 27, 2011 08:39 AM

Man vs bubble at Beijing Exhibition Hall Theater. Photo: Wang Xiao

Everyone likes to blow bubbles and see them fly away in the sunshine. After growing up, this bubbly fun is just a distant memory. Yang Fan, a bubble performer, has moved the world of bubbles to the stage, together with laser lights and music, to freeze that beautiful scene in our minds. This weekend, he will stage his fabulous "Gazillion Bubble Show" in town, as well as attempting to break a Guinness record by making a giant bubble which keeps 150 people in it.

His show, which has been staged on Broadway for over five years, offers a kind of first-ever theater experience with colorful bubbles and joyous music. Born to a Vietnamese Chinese mother and a Hungarian father and raised in Yugoslavia, Yang claims to be a person belonging to the world. He got inspiration from rivers and waterfalls and has been working on his bubble show for over two decades. "I used to perform bubble show on the street with my elder brother. Although we performed to make a living, I do love this show and even spent my rent money on new bubble fluid," said Yang.

He determined to make the bubble a lifelong career since he was 18. Bubbles, which have no fixed shapes, can be big or small, long, short or round. Yang even said he felt like an artist. "The only difference is that I am sculpting on bubbles," he said.

He wants to share his favorite thing in his mind with others instead of making money. "I developed the fluid all by myself as well as the dazzling special light effects. The most important element for the bubble show is imagination and inspiration. So I don't worry; no one else in the world can copy my show," he said.

When: 7:30 pm Saturday; 3:30 pm Sunday

Where: Beijing Exhibition Hall Theater

Tickets: 180 to 680 yuan

Contact: 6440-1686, 6440-1656