Worlds apart
Published: Aug 16, 2011 08:13 AM Updated: Aug 16, 2011 09:36 AM

Chen Zhuo's painting Intention Photo: Gallery Yang

It is my second time to see Chen Zhuo's artworks at Sanlitun's Gallery Yang, which opened to the public last December with a group exhibition featuring Chen and 11 other artists. The 25-year-old artist made her debut with surprising round paintings, which portray real life stories. And the new one showcases her solo exhibition A Piece of Another World.

Chen's paintings are round and very clean and innocent. With pure yellow backgrounds decorated with small flowers, the little girl in Inexplicable Emotion, dressing up as ballerina and sitting on the floor, covers her face with hands. The painting gives space for viewers to think.

"We feel something different among her paintings, her age, her experience and her disposition. The world that she lives is different from the one that she looks for. The gap disappoints her, but she doesn't mean to be against the real world. Instead, she put her hope into Another World," said the curator Guo Juan.

Chen received her bachelor degree at Central Academy of Fine Arts and continued to study there for her master degree.
"Most of my works come from my feeling and imagination, things that don't exist in real life. These illusions come from everywhere. So I don't want to define them or restrict the boundaries of imagination," said the artist.

Chen also exhibited something new by creating some square paintings which she called "fragments". From wooden toys to Ferris wheels, we will find here memory fragments of our childhood.

Also at the space is artist Yan Bing's show My Labor, featuring his latest installation works and some of his new paintings in 2011.

When: until September 16

Where: Unit 47&48, 4th floor, N2 building, No.11, Sanlitun Road

Tickets: Free

Contact: 6417-9418