Artists show 'Surplus Good-Lookingness' at 798
Published: Sep 06, 2011 10:04 AM
Is this art too good-looking? Photo: Courtesy of Tang Contemporary Art

Are people abusing the word "good-looking"? It's supposed to mean something that one likes to look at, but nowadays people are using it to describe everything, whether it looks good or not. In response to this pressing issue, young artists including He Chi, Li Qing, Liang Shuo, Shi Qing, Xu Tan and Zhang Hui are holding a talk about their understanding about "good-lookingness" as part of an exhibition named "Surplus Good-Lookingness" at Tang Contemporary Art, 798 art zone.

"We use the world haokan (good-looking) almost every day. But people have various understandings of what is good-looking. So these artists manage to give out their interpretations on the topic with various kinds of artworks," said curator Bao Dong.

Viewers can observe the artists answers as paintings, sculptures installations and multimedia works. Their visions discuss "good-lookingness" though they have different arts backgrounds and experiences.

Li Qing, one of the artists, displays games that people like to take part in by installing popular games like billiards and pinball. He put a ping-pong table into a wall and placed items related to the game among everyday goods, hoping to unveil the past game rules that have been torn down. Viewers can also be part of his artwork by playing the pin ball game on the wall.

Where: Tang Contemporary Art

When: Until September 30

Tickets: Free

Contact: 5978-9610