PLA to strike up the band on National Day
Published: Sep 21, 2011 09:22 AM

Zhang Haifeng. Photo: Xiao Bu 
Zhang Haifeng. Photo: Xiao Bu


It's still a mystery why they don't schedule more frequent commercial performances, given their popularity from playing at important televised national events. However, the military band of the People's Liberation Army of China boasts a repertoire that goes beyond marching anthems, with plenty to please classical music lovers at their upcoming National Day concert at the Forbidden City Concert Hall on October 1st.


The band will perform various Western classics and Eastern folk songs at their holiday show.


The concert marks their return to the Forbidden City, where they performed during the PRC's 60th anniversary celebrations two years ago.


"This summer, we staged an interactive concert that was well-received. Now, we will have a complete concert dedicated to woodwind music lovers," said PLA conductor, Zhang Haifeng, referring to the band's acclaimed songs "Storm" and "Big Apple," the latter described by the conductor as "the most difficult piece" on the ensemble's playlist.


The first half of next Saturday's concert will focus on Chinese folk music, while the second half will feature Western classics performed by the band's woodwind and brass quintets.


The band will even cater to video game fans, when they perform a rendition of the theme song to Nintendo arcade classic, "Super Mario Brothers."


When: October 1st, 7:30 pm


Where: Forbidden City Concert Hall


Tickets: 10 - 100 yuan


Contact: 6605-2493