Twelve Girls Band prepare for concert
Published: Oct 11, 2011 09:41 AM Updated: Oct 11, 2011 09:54 AM

All-female Chinese musical group, Twelve Girls Band, has held their final rehearsal ahead of this Sunday's concert at the Beijing Exhibition Hall. The band's director, Wang Xiaojing, and the concert's musical director, Liang Jianfeng, briefed the media with the program details.

As part of the band's 10th anniversary celebrations, Twelve Girls Band will perform some of their signature hits as well as new songs. "Ten years means a lot to us. It never comes too easy," said Wang, who conceived the idea of the all-girl group performing pop songs with traditional Chinese instruments 10 years ago.

"They will present the best part of their music to the audience on the night."

Formed on June 18, 2001, the female musicians were selected by audition from more than 4,000 contestants. Each woman is classically-trained and band members come from various conservatories in China, including the China Academy of Music, the Chinese National Orchestra and the Central Conservatory of Music. Instruments used by the women include the erhu (Chinese fiddle,) pipa (pear-shaped lute,) guzheng (zither,) yangqin (hammered dulcimer,) dizi (transverse flute) and xiao (vertical flute.) Occasionally, the duxianqin (single-stringed zither) and hulusi (three-piped gourd flute) are also used.

"We will follow our routine stage design with lighting and audio effects. This will help the audience recall past performances by the band," said musical director, Liang Jianfeng.    

When: Sunday, October 16, 7:30 pm

Where: Beijing Exhibition Hall Theater

Tickets: 180 yuan to 1,280 yuan

Contact: 400-610-3721