2015 Beijing International Art Fair opens in Beijing
Published: Oct 08, 2015 06:08 PM
The 2015 Beijing International Art Fair opened at the Beijing Exhibition Hall on Wednesday with an art exhibition as well as forums and dialogues between artists.

According to Gao Jing, one of the organizers behind the fair, the exhibition features traditional Chinese watercolor paintings, Western oil paintings, photographs, as well as Chinese wood sculptures and furniture.

Among these works are a giant landscape painting by artist Xu Longsen and a folding screen that was exhibited during the 2014 Beijing APEC Summit. The approximately 5 meter by 6.5 meter screen took a team of six national-level handicraft masters roughly three years to carve.

In addition to domestic art, a number of embassies in China, including the Russian, Egyptian and Hungarian embassies, have also brought their cultural to the art fair.

Taking "affordable art" as its theme this year, the art fair also has a special section featuring affordable print paintings starting at several hundred yuan ($60 - 100).

Following the opening ceremony, a memorial tribute to celebrate the 120th birthday of well-known Chinese painter Xu Beihong was held at the hall.

The art fair is scheduled to end on October 11.

Global Times