China urges US to be cautious on Taiwan issue
Published: Jan 18, 2016 06:52 PM
China urged the United States on Monday to speak and act cautiously on the Taiwan issue and not to intervene in China's internal affairs in any way.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said at a regular press briefing that China has already expressed concern over the planned Taiwan visit by US former Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, who is to meet with senior officials of Taiwan.

Hong reiterated that Taiwan is an inseparable part of Chinese territory and Taiwan affairs are China's internal affairs.

He urged the United States to firmly abide by the one-China policy and the principles in the three Sino-US joint communiques, and live up to its commitment to opposing "Taiwan independence".

"We urge the US side to do more things that are conducive to the stable development of China-US relations and peaceful development of relations across the Taiwan Strait, not vice versa," Hong said.