Shanxi police detain 2 men for spreading terrorist videos online
Published: Aug 21, 2016 11:23 PM
Two men from North China's Shanxi Province were detained for disseminating terrorist videos that contained "extremely bloody" images on social media, disturbing social order, according to the province's public security bureau.

The Shanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau announced Friday on its official WeChat account that the two suspects, both surnamed Zhang from Wanrong county in Yuncheng, would be detained for five days in accordance with the national Counter-terrorism Law.

It is the first time that the province has issued counter-terrorism charges since the Counter-terrorism Law took effect on January 1, according to the announcement.

The public security bureau said that one of the suspects uploaded two 10-second video clips to video-making and sharing website Meipai on July 5, after he received the videos from another suspect earlier on the same day.

The videos contained some details about organizing terrorist actions that may lead to copycat acts, read the announcement.

Wanrong county Internet police launched an investigation into the videos on July 8 after they spread widely on local social media, badly influencing society and disrupting social order, the announcement stated.

The Counter-Terrorism Law of China stipulates that individuals will be detained for five to 15 days with a possible fine of up to 10,000 yuan ($1,503) if they are involved in activities including falsifying and spreading information about terrorist incidents, spreading information that would allow people to imitate terrorist acts or publishing inhumane images of terrorist incidents.

Shanxi police reminded individuals not to violate the law by spreading terrorist information and advised citizens to report to the police if they see this kind of information.

Global Times

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