SoCal Chinese highlight importance of B&R to world peace
Published: May 18, 2017 05:43 PM
As the first international conference on the Belt and Road initiative concluded in Beijing, Chinese living in Southern California expressed their confidence about the benefits and development the initiative will bring to the world.

China has been improving its image on the international stage through promoting the initiative, said Sher Li, president of the Chinese American Federation USA, adding that it is not simply an extension and development of the ancient Silk Road, but a new road bringing dialogue and peace to the whole world.

Despite suspicions raised over the project initiated by China four years ago, the forum, attended by 30 heads of state and government leaders,  was a huge success, China-US Forum President Victor Wenji Chang told the Global Times.

The initiative proposes a new way for development that has attracted many countries, including the US who sent a delegation to the forum, Chang added.

David Lin, president of the American Chinese Culture Association, agreed with Chang, saying that the US delegation to the forum is a positive move to show American firms are willing to participate in Belt and Road projects. The initiative is also a good opportunity for Chinese overseas.

Grace Wen, president of the Greater LA Chinese American Forum, said that the initiative concerns not only the development of China, but also the solutions to economic problems and conflicts that impede development across the world. Wen says she believes that it will play great role in the world's future peace and stability.

The Belt and Road is of great importance to world peace as it will establish a road along the Eurasian continent and promote the principle of seeking commonalities while reserving differences, Jimmy Wong, president of the Chinese American Federation Foundation, told the Global Times.