New Zealand avocados enter China
Published: Feb 22, 2018 06:23 PM
The Consulate General of New Zealand is celebrating the country's first shipment of avocados to China, which have arrived in Shanghai.

Guergana Guermanoff, New Zealand Consul General in Shanghai, delivered a speech at the event to express her pride over this successful export achievement.

Officials from Shanghai's Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, representatives from New Zealand Avocado and officials from the Ministry for Primary Industry in New Zealand joined the soft launch.

"I think everyone here already knows that New Zealand is one of the world's leading exporters of high quality, delicious fruit. Fruit exports are a core part of New Zealand's international brand. Avocados are our third-largest fruit export behind kiwifruit and apples. We are proud and happy to add China to the list of export destinations," said Guermanoff.

 She continued to state why global consumers prefer New Zealand avocados over others. "Apart from their great taste, it has been scientifically proven that New Zealand avocados contain double the amount of vitamin B6 and 20 percent more folate than avocados grown elsewhere."

Dave Samuels, Deputy Director General, Ministry for Primary Industry, New Zealand, offered his thanks for the efforts by officials from China's General Administration of Quality ­Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

"The granting of access for New Zealand avocados is the culmination of substantial work and close cooperation over a number of years between our governments. This resulted in the signing of a protocol in November of 2017 detailing the requirements for trade in avocados, and a technical audit of New Zealand's regulatory system by Chinese officials very recently formalizing access for our industry," Samuels said at the event.

Upward trend

"I would also like to thank the New Zealand avocado industry for its substantial input in getting access for our avocados over the line. Avocado New Zealand has put a lot of effort into developing long-term relationships with key counterparts here in China over the past few years and should be congratulated for its efforts on behalf of growers," Samuels told the gathering.

"I would also like to congratulate the New Zealand avocado industry for the success it has had in implementing its 2012-17 five-year plan, which has seen exports double. I understand a key focus for the industry has also been to diversify markets, which is appropriate given the purpose of today's function," he noted.

"With the upward trend we have seen in imports of avocado into China, I am sure China will quickly become an important market for our industry. Securing access for our avocados into China has been New Zealand's top horticulture priority. We are proud to have reached this milestone and to be able to now provide fresh New Zealand avocados to consumers in China," the Deputy Director General concluded.

Glenys Parton from New Zealand Avocado flew from New Zealand to Shanghai to witness the arrival of the first shipment and made a brief introduction about their avocado industry during the event.

Staff prepared avocado juice and snacks mixed with avocado to give the participants a first taste of the fresh fruit. Consumers in China, however, must still wait several months before the avocados enter the market.


Guergana Guermanoff (center), Dave Samuels (fourth from right)


An employee makes avocado juice. Photos: Courtesy of Consulate General of New Zealand in Shanghai