School of Chinese Studies and Exchanges of Shanghai International Studies University holds city tour
Shanghai in one day
Published: Mar 20, 2018 06:13 PM
About 40 newly enrolled international students from the School of Chinese Studies and Exchanges of Shanghai International Studies University had a one-day tour of Shanghai this past Saturday to get to know the city better. School administrators told the Global Times that "different from the previous practice of helping students know each other and know the city, this year we held a metro-riding one-day tour participated and organized by students."

For this spring semester, the school has recruited over 400 overseas students from different majors and studies. Usually, the school will organize events on weekends and holidays so that newcomers will not feel lonely or homesick. Above all, such activities help them get to know local people, food and the culture. Students can apply for events in advance. Sometimes they pay a very small amount of money as a registration fee; other times it is free.

"Previously, an on-campus indoor dinner party will be held for the students to get to know each other. This time, students can choose from two different routes to different parts of Shanghai. We don't rent a bus for them. Instead, they are required to take the metro system to get there," Zhang Xinyu, a teacher from the school, told the Global Times.

Route One starts from the ancient town of Qibao in suburban Shanghai, where students can taste local roadside delicacies. The students returned to downtown Shanghai to spend an hour at Tianzifang, where traditional Shanghai shikumen (stone-gate lanes) are a feature. After that, students went to the Bund for a boat cruise along Huangpu River to finish the day.

Route Two starts from Dashijie (the Great World), which reopened to the public recently after reconstruction. The distorting mirrors there used to be a sweet memory for visitors from all over the country. This time, antique and new distorting mirrors attracted visitors to take selfies.

After the Great World, students walked to the nearby Shanghai Museum. Then they took the metro to Shanghai Tower. Thanks to nice weather, the skyscraper experience made the students very excited. In the evening they went to the Bund and met with students from Route One for the Huangpu boat cruise.

The Global Times photographed students in Route Two, and had short conversations with them about their opinions of Shanghai and China. Nearly 20 students from 11 countries were in Route Two.

"I'm amazed to find such a new city, it's very modern. I like the food here a lot," Katerine Castro from Ecuador told the Global Times. She paid 30 yuan ($4.7) for a candy figurine at the Great World.

Primov Bekhzod from Uzbekistan can speak fluent Chinese. "The one-day tour is very interesting and meaningful, we had a good time. I will attend more if the school arranges similar events in the future."

Bekhozod told the Global Times that before he applied for the scholarship program with SISU, he studied Chinese at a Confucius institute in his home country.

Chinese student volunteers also think the tour was a good chance to communicate with young people of their age from different parts of the world.

Students take pictures of local snacks in Huangpu district on Saturday. Photos:Chen Xia/GT

A foreign student eats a traditional local snack near the Bund. Photos:Chen Xia/GT

A Russian student reads a Chinese book. Photos:Chen Xia/GT

Students observe cultural relics at a museum. Photos:Chen Xia/GT

Students observe cultural relics at a museum. Photos:Chen Xia/GT

Students take photos at Lujiazui. Photos:Chen Xia/GT

A foreign student takes photos of the Bund.Photos:Chen Xia/GT

Foreign students at a metro station Photos:Chen Xia/GT